‘Modern Family:’ 3 Reasons Why Gloria and Cam Are the Show’s Best Friend Duo

They might not always be alone together, but these two are always up to something. That’s why when they’re together, they’re one of the best friend duos on ABC’s comedy series, Modern Family.

Here are a few of our favorite moments featuring Cameron Tucker and Gloria Delgado-Pritchett. 

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Cam and Gloria had their own bestie day during ‘Me? Jealous?’

Although these two are always together, they very rarely spend time together. That is, until a season 3 episode where Cam, Mitch, and Lily move into their Jay and Gloria’s house for a few days. 

Cam and Gloria are so excited to spend more time together laughing and watching movies. After a while, the two start to get jealous of each other. By the end of the episode, though, these two are cooking and dancing together in the kitchen, working together as the perfect team. 

'Modern Family' Episode titled 'Finale Part 1/Finale Part 2'
‘Modern Family’ Episode titled ‘Finale Part 1/Finale Part 2’ | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Gloria takes Lily out on a girls day

There are some things that only girls can talk about. Lily had been acting out, so Cam and Mitch decided to call Gloria. When the two are backing out of the driveway, Lily confesses to Gloria that she’s gay. 

Lily was just a little confused, Mitch and Cam explained. In terms of Lily’s heritage, she’s not gay, she’s Vietnamese. The four go out to a Vietnamese restaurant to help teach Lily a little more about where she came from.

There’s a little mishap at the restaurant with some yelling about being gay but eventually, Gloria opened up about her culture and Manny losing touch with his roots. Mitch and Cam supported Gloria just like Gloria supported their daughter, Lily. 

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In ‘Mistery Date,’ Cam decides to give Gloria and Jay a gift they actually want

When Mitch and Cam had Lily, Cam took decorating the nursery into his own hands. That included a giant painting of their family on the wall. It was a little unconventional and over the top, but then again, so is this actor, drummer, football star, and gym teacher-turned acting vice-principal, Cam.

To welcome Jay and Gloria’s child, Mitch suggested they get the couple something off of their baby registry. Of course, Cam decides to give them something “they actually want.” That was a mural just like theirs in the baby’s room, but with Jay and Gloria dressed as angels.

After keeping Gloria out of the house all day, (and Mitch keeping his father out of the house all day,) Cam brings her back to find the painting covering the wall. She screamed at first, but then she told Cam that she loves it.

“It’s just like you. Full of color and life and love,” Gloria said. Jay, who was struggling with the idea of giving up his office for the new child, decided it was good because it made the room easier to leave. Some episodes of Modern Family are available for streaming on Hulu.