Modern Family: Ariel Winter’s Net Worth and Her Other Big Roles Besides Alex Dunphy

There’s no doubt the TV show Modern Family is a juggernaut. The actors are some of the highest paid cast members on TV, and just about every one of them is a bigger star now than when the show started. That’s especially true for Ariel Winter, who plays Alex Dunphy on the show. Modern Family might be losing its touch, as evidenced by its lack of Emmy nominations in 2018, but budding Instagram star Winter and her co-stars of the show are still raking in the money. Let’s take a look at Ariel Winter’s net worth, her other roles, and some of the problems she encountered growing up in public.

Ariel Winter’s background and earliest roles

Ariel Winter on Modern Family
Winter was a show business veteran when she started acting on Modern Family in 2009. | ABC

Ariel Winter was born in January 1998, and it didn’t take her long to break into show business. She started acting before her fifth birthday, and by 2005 she appeared onscreen in big-budget productions. One of Winter’s first roles was the 2005 Robert Downey Jr. movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. She did voice work for the film Ice Age: The Meltdown the following year.

Other Ariel Winter roles since Modern Family

Everything changed for Ariel Winter when she landed the role of TV nerd Alex Dunphy on Modern Family in 2009. Now, she makes $100,000 per episode, and she has her choice of roles outside the show. Most of Winter’s work outside Modern Family is off the screen.

She voices Sofia in the Disney Junior show Sofia the First, and she brought SmurfLily to life in the 2017 movie Smurfs: The Lost Village. Minnie’s Bow-Toons, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, and Phineas and Ferb are some other projects where Ariel Winter provided voices.

Ariel Winter’s net worth is impressive

Ariel Winter's net worth keeps growing.
Modern Family actress Ariel Winter has an impressive net worth. | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

While some actresses branch out to producing or writing, Ariel Winter focuses on acting at this point in her career. That decision hasn’t impacted her net worth at all.

Ariel Winter’s net worth in 2019 is $12 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Her fortune is larger than fellow young Modern Family co-stars Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy on the show) and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Lily Tucker-Pritchett).

Problems living in the public eye

Growing up in public wasn’t easy for Ariel Winter.

Ariel Winter poses at the 2017 Emmys in a high slit dress
Ariel Winter constantly has to defend her style choices. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Her mother helped her break into show business, but Winter claimed physical and mental abuse when she sought emancipation as a teenager.

Winter had plastic surgery as a teenager, but she doesn’t hide that fact. She’s also very proud of her figure and enjoys flaunting daring ensembles on the red carpet, but she has to keep defending her body and her style choices from naysayers.

Another problem living in the spotlight? The entertainment press won’t leave her alone. Ariel Winter enrolled at UCLA so she could have a backup plan in case the acting gigs dry up, but she had to take a break from college because the paparazzi kept crashing her classes.

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