‘Modern Family’ Creator Comments on a Potential Mitch and Cam Spinoff Show

After growing up with the Dunphy-Pritchetts, it’s hard for fans to say goodbye. However, this spring, Modern Family premiered its very last episode. Will there be a Modern Family spinoff featuring some of the original characters? Here’s what we know about ABC’s award-winning comedy series.

‘Modern Family’ premiered its last episode during 2020

After about 10 years, the cast of Modern Family said their final goodbyes. This Emmy Award-winning series ended after 11 seasons, making it one of ABC’s most successful comedy series’

Alex went to work on research. Mitch and Cam moved away. Hayley and Dylan moved into Mitch and Cam’s old house. But the light at the Dunphy’s will always be on. Could that mean Modern Family will return for another season? Or a spinoff show?

Characters Mitch and Cam of 'Modern Family'
Characters Mitch and Cam of ‘Modern Family’ | Ron Tom/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Some fans are calling for the return of characters Mitch and Cam

Although they’re off on a new adventure with Lily and a new baby, some fans are wondering what’s next for the couple, Mitch and Cam. Could these characters (and the actors behind them,) potentially return for a spinoff of the ABC comedy series? 

According to creators of the television show Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, it’s not something they’re thinking about. Not at the moment, anyway. 

As of April, there’s no Mitch and Cam spinoff in the works

Modern Family co-creators Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd shared their thoughts on a potential spinoff of ABC’s award-winning comedy series. As of April 2020, it’s unlikely, but not completely out of the question. 

“At the moment I’m personally not thinking about that,” Levitan said, according to Out Magazine. “I think that there are a couple of writers who are thinking about well, is there a Mitch and Cam spinoff, but they’re literally just thinking about it. They’re using this time that we have now to think about it, if there’s something there. 

“I’m not driving this but I’m a huge fan of Jesse and Eric, and those characters are of course near and dear to me, and I certainly think that they’re strong enough to carry a show,” he continued. “For me, I really felt that what I needed creatively was to work on something new after working on Modern Family for 12 years and pretty much exclusively.”

“No. We wanted to have them off on a new journey, and it seemed symmetrical to have Mitchell follow Cam some place and maybe be around Cam’s family because Cam had played that role in Mitchell’s life for the last 11 years,” Lloyd added. “Cam had this opportunity to do something wonderful and exciting, Mitchell felt okay, that makes my obligation to let him chase his dream, and I will go with him and see what that life is like for me.”

Some fans still have their fingers crossed for future episodes featuring the Dunphy-Pritchett family. Until then, episodes of Modern Family are available for binge-watching on the streaming platform, Hulu. 

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