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Claire Dunphy may be a bit of a control-freak and Phil Dunphy may be pretty happy-go-lucky, but these two make a perfect couple. How did these Modern Family characters meet? Did they go to the same college? 

Here’s what we know about ABC’s comedy series. 

No, Phil Dunphy and Claire Pritchett-Dunphy didn’t attend the same college

Both Claire and Phil Dunphy attended college, but they didn’t go to the same university. Phil loved his college experience, though, even “barking” at his college friends whenever they talk on the phone together. When it was time for Haley to think about higher education, he took her on a tour of his school, even showing her the cafeteria trays that he used to slide down.

Phil even makes jokes about Claire being a “marketing major at a party school,” but the fact that Claire had a life before Phil somewhat hurts him. In one episode, Claire attends her school’s reunion (“Bad Hair Day”) and reunites with an old lover, Professor Cooke.

The actual schools the Dunphys attended, however, is still a mystery to fans. Viewers did learn where other characters went to school, though. Alex went to CalTech for biochemistry and Mitchell attended Cornell University and Columbia University to get his law degree. 

How did Phil Dunphy and Claire Pritchett meet?

Modern Family fans first met Phil and Claire once they were already married with three kids. They shared adventures with their extended family, including Claire’s father, Jay, her brother, Mitchell, and their partners.

According to the AV Club, Phil says that he met Claire because, “she hit me with her car while I was breakdancing in a KFC parking lot.” The reason why they got married, though, was because of their pregnancy with their eldest child, Haley. 

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Phil and Claire eloped (and finally had a real wedding on one episode of ‘Modern Family’)

This couple got married hastily after Claire got pregnant with Haley. After that, life got in the way, with Claire having Alex and Luke. During the “Hawaii” episode, however, Phil Dunphy tried to turn their vacation into a honeymoon. 

Of course, the plan doesn’t work out and Phil realizes the reason is because they never had a proper wedding. He sets up a whole vow renewal ceremony, where Jay finally gets a chance to walk his daughter down the isle. Then, because he’s an ordained minister, Phil married Mitch and Cam and then his daughter and her then-boyfriend, Dylan. 

This ABC comedy series has since come to an end. Some Modern Family clips are available for streaming on YouTube, while full-length episodes, like “Bad Hair Day,” are available for purchase digitally and physically on Amazon.