‘Modern Family:’ Why Gloria Kept Part of Her Ex-Husband’s Last Name

Gloria is loud and outgoing, but that’s just why fans love her. Even though Modern Family premiered its last episode, some questions still linger regarding this character. Primarily, why does she include her ex-husband’s name as part of her surname? 

Here’s what we know about the character Gloria Delgado-Pritchett.

'Modern Family' Episode Titled 'Aunt Mommy'
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‘Modern Family’ character, Jay Pritchett, married Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

The Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker family is full of love, even if their series has since come to an end. Fans first meet Modern Family characters, Jay Pritchett and Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, when they’re only a few months married. 

Since then, the couple built a life together, complete with a dog, Sunday family dinners, and matching Halloween costumes. However, some fans noticed that Gloria doesn’t have the same surname as her husband. 

Gloria’s full name is Gloria Marie Ramirez Delgado-Pritchett. Although she doesn’t have a great relationship with her ex-husband, Javier, she kept his surname, Delgado, as part of her name. According to fans, there could be a few reasons for that inclusion.

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Why does Gloria use her ex-husband’s surname while working with Phil Dunphy? 

There are a few fan theories surrounding why Gloria uses “Delgado” as part of her last name. However, the mystery thickens in seasons 10 and 11, the character even uses “Delgado” as her full last name while working in real estate with Phil Dunphy. 

“Probably for Manny’s sake,” one Reddit user wrote, noting that Manny’s last name is “Delgado.” “The poor kid might feel abandoned if he doesn’t share a last name with his mom anymore.”

“She’s still Gloria Pritchett, she was just using Gloria Delagado as her real estate/work name,” another Reddit user pointed out. Another fan then pointed out that she uses “Delgado” and not Ramirez, which is her maiden name.

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Jay mentions Gloria’s last name during 1 episode of ‘Modern Family’

The cast and crew of Modern Family have not commented on this last name situation, although they did make reference to it in the show. During the episode “Patriot Games” (Season 6, Episode 22,) Gloria is debating whether or not to get her United States citizenship test.

Javier is against it, especially after finding out Gloria can’t remember the Spanish word for “cow.” Jay encourages Gloria to become a citizen and it’s not just because of the line at the airport.

He said that it still makes him uncomfortable Gloria has so many connections to her ex-husband. That includes her last name, which is “Delgado-Pritchett.”

Of course, Gloria gets her United States citizenship and her relationship with Jay only grows stronger. The two have a child together, named Joe, and, even though Gloria doesn’t like it, a dog named Stella. 

Some episodes of Modern Family play periodically on ABC.