‘Modern Family’: Haley Dunphy Is Married — Here Are Some of Her Ex-Boyfriends

As one of the most popular girls in her high school, Haley Dunphy had a few casual dates during this comedy series. However, she only said “I love you” a few times on Modern Family and not just to her now-husband and high school sweetheart, Dylan. 

Here’s what we know about some of Haley Dunphy’s ex-boyfriends from ABC’s comedy series

ABC's 'Modern Family' episode titled 'A Year of Birthdays'
Characters Haley, Claire, and Phil Dunphy of ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ episode titled ‘A Year of Birthdays’ | Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Haley dated Andy Bailey, Jay and Gloria’s ‘manny,’ during ‘Modern Family’

They didn’t get along at first. Andy was working as a manny at Jay and Gloria’s house and Haley was sneaking in the back to use the pool. Over time, however, they started to like each other. Andy even broke off his engagement because of his feelings for Haley. 

Some considered these two a perfect pair. Andy was just like Phil, with a passion for real estate and trampolining. Haley even said that Andy was the first boy she ever loved. However, when Andy got his dream job outside of California, the couple decided to break up. They both started dating different people, which worked out in the long run.

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Rainer Shine, the local weatherman and Phil Dunphy’s friend

When Phil set up the super handsome weatherman named Rainer Shine with his daughter, he didn’t think he implied a date. Despite their age gap, Rainer Shine and Haley dated for some time on Modern Family, with Rainer even spending Thanksgiving with the extended family. 

In the episode “Five Minutes,” Rainer proposed to Haley Dunphy. She quickly realized that she just wanted something casual and the two broke up.

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Dr. Arvin Fennerman

Alex might’ve had a crush on him first, but when Haley walked into Dr. Arvin Fennerman’s class, the two were destined to be together. Well, Arvin thought so anyway. 

Despite him being a literal genius and Haley’s less-than-impressive job at NERP, the two went on several dates and even said they love each other. After realizing she still loved Dylan, though, Haley broke up with Arvin. 

Haley briefly dated a doctor named Will 

Technically, these two weren’t in a relationship, as Haley told Andy she was just in it for the chase. Unfortunately, it was pretty serious for Will. This doctor bought Haley a bracelet after only knowing each other for a few weeks. Fans met this character during the episode titled “Grill, Interrupted.” 

“Dr. Will” doesn’t appear in future episodes of the comedy series. As Haley got older, she only realized her love for Dylan. These two got married after having twins and eventually moved into Mitch and Cam’s house.

ABC’s comedy series, Modern Family, including some episodes with Haley Dunphy, are available for streaming on Hulu.