‘Modern Family’: Who Is Luke Dunphy’s Alter-Ego, ‘Betty Luke’?

Luke Dunphy wasn’t always known as Luke Dunphy. Sometimes, Haley and Alex would dress this character up as someone named “Betty Luke.” Here’s what we know about the Modern Family episode where this adorable alter-ego appeared. 

Sarah Hyland, Nolan Gould, and Ariel Winter in 'Modern Family' episode titled 'A Tale of Three Cities'
‘Modern Family’ episode titled ‘A Tale of Three Cities’ | Eric Liebowitz/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Luke Dunphy, portrayed by Nolan Gould, is one character from ABC’s ‘Modern Family’

He was a little creative and emptyheaded, but his parents loved him just as much as his other siblings (if not more, in Phil Dunphy’s case.) Luke Dunphy, the youngest of the Dunphy kids, was portrayed on Modern Family by Nolan Gould.

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When Luke Dunphy was young, his two older sisters would put him in makeup and a dress, naming him “Betty Luke.” During the season 3 episode of Modern Family, “Me? Jealous,” viewers saw this side of the youngest Dunphy child.

Luke Dunphy dresses up as Betty Luke during the ‘Me? Jealous?’ episode of ‘Modern Family’

On Haley’s college application, she put down that she was a Big Sister, thinking that meant she was a big sister to Alex and Luke. As a result, her parents make her actually volunteer for the organization. 

Alex quickly becomes jealous of Haley’s relationship with her Little Sister because Haley never treated her actual little sister kindly. The two siblings end up fighting about it, as usual, and Luke Dunphy decided to step in. 

“I am so sick of you two fighting all the time! You’re a bad big sister, and you’re a bad little sister! And you’re both bad big sisters to me! Be normaler,” Luke Dunphy said. Alex and Haley turned to each other, saying they’ve never seen him act like that. 

“Well, we do kind of neglect him,” Haley Dunphy said. “And if you think about it, he is kind of our little sister.”

The two eldest siblings decided to grab lipstick and “the bra and tennis balls” to spend some quality time with Luke. One of the last things viewers see during the episode is Luke dressed up as Betty Luke, posing for pictures for his parents. 

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‘Modern Family’ viewers saw Luke Dunphy grew up on this comedy series

From being Betty Luke to attending community college, Modern Family fans saw this character grow up alongside Manny Delgado. After over 10 years of releasing episodes on the television network, ABC, this series premiered its finale. 

“It’s impossible to gauge how much I’ve grown over the years as an actor — I’m a completely different person,” Gould said during an interview with TV Guide. “I went into this show at 10 years old.” 

“You’re not a real person then,” he continued. “Now I’m an adult, and I’m very lucky Modern Family was a huge part of my upbringing. It shaped me into a fully formed person with opinions and interests and life goals.”

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