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Christmas is a special time for this extended family but Phil Dunphy is willing the cancel the whole thing after Claire finds a burn mark on their couch. Were the kids smoking in the house? 

Here’s what we know about this hilarious Modern Family holiday episode.

ABC's 'Modern Family' Episode Titled 'Undeck the Halls'
ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ Episode Titled ‘Undeck the Halls’ | Adam Taylor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The first Christmas celebrated with the Dunphys included a burn on the couch

Fans first met the Dunphy family with Season 1 of this series. That includes the family’s three children, the beautiful yet somewhat sneaky Haley, the brainiac Alex, and the “creative” Luke. They’re all generally good kids. That is until their parents think they’re lying about something pretty serious.

While they’re video chatting with relatives, the Dunphys notice a burn in the couch that looks eerily similar to a cigarette burn. After the kids said that they weren’t smoking, Phil has no choice but to cancel Christmas. 

Of course, no one takes him seriously, even Claire, who thinks that’s a bit extreme. As a result, he tells the kids that Christmas is back on. Then he changes his mind and tells them that Christmas is canceled again. 

ABC's 'Modern Family' Episode Titled 'Undeck the Halls' |  Adam Taylor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images
ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ Episode Titled ‘Undeck the Halls’ | Adam Taylor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Turns out, the Dunphy kids weren’t smoking

To prove just how serious he is, Phil drags the tree away. After a series of interrogations, they decide to do Christmas anyway. It isn’t until Phil puts the tree back in the living room that they realize it was actually one of the ornaments reflecting light that caused the burn in the couch. 

“’Undeck the halls’ no doubt! Phil taking the tree away, about to put it back, and then takes it away again. And Phil saying, ‘So I guess the couch came home from a stressful day and lit a cigarette’ because that makes no sense,” one Reddit user said of their favorite Modern Family holiday episode.

Meanwhile, Jay is having a hard time celebrating Christmas with all of the traditions introduced to the family by Gloria and Manny. Mitchell and Cameron take Lily to her first Christmas photo and Cam runs into one of his many arch-rivals, an angry Christmas caroler. 


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There are a few Christmas-related episodes of ‘Modern Family’ 

This wouldn’t be the only Christmas that fans spent with the Dunphys and their crazy extended family. Their season 3 “Express Christmas” episode told fans what happened when the Dunphys all tried to prepare for Christmas in less than a day.

On “The Old Man and The Tree,” Cam and Lily get mixed up at a toy drive, while Phil Dunphy tried to reach his goal of virtually walking to Canada on his new workout machine. 

For the season 7 Christmas episode, “White Christmas,” Gloria was in charge of booking a log cabin for the whole family. Unfortunately, they don’t exactly get the “White Christmas” they were dreaming of, with the log cabin actually being hotter than their homes. 

Season 10, one of the last seasons of this comedy series, held a very special announcement that Haley had for the rest of the family. That was that she was pregnant and was having a baby with Dylan. The series has since come to a close, but some episodes of Modern Family are available for streaming on Hulu.