‘Money Heist’: Could The Professor Die in Vol. 2?

On Oct. 3, Netflix released the trailer for the final installment of Money Heist (La Casa de Papel). In the one-minute clip, The Professor (Álvaro Morte) walks into the Bank of Spain surrounded by armed guards. Since the Professor turned himself in, many fans started questioning his fate. So, what do fans think will happen to the heist leader in the series finale?

What happened to The Professor in ‘Money Heist’ Vol. 1?

Álvaro Morte dressed in a blue shirt and black pants in 'Money Heist.'
Álvaro Morte | Netflix

In the Money Heist Season 5 premiere, Inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) apprehended The Professor. However, her pregnancy thwarted her plans. Ultimately, she allows the Professor to deliver her baby and lets him go. Since then, he has been off the grid. Lisbon (Itziar Ituño), Palmero (Rodrigo de la Serna), Denver (Jaime Lorente), and the rest of the heist crew were shocked by his disappearance. While the group processed the news, they didn’t know what to do with the melted gold in the bank. Without the Professor’s guidance, the group remained confined in the building.

Some fans think The Professor will die in Vol. 2


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While the gang remains trapped in the bank, many fans speculate how they will escape. In the Money Heist Vol. 2 trailer, Professor comes out of hiding and arrives at the Bank of Spain. While surrounded by law enforcement, he enters the building. Some fans believe the Professor turning himself in signals a final attempt at saving the crew. 

In a Reddit thread, one fan theorized the Professor might have one final plan up his sleeve, resulting in his death. “Maybe he made a deal to let him enter so they could kill him with the others as they probably couldn’t do it if they find him outside the bank. This does probably mean he will die to try and save the gang (linking back to when Palermo said in Part 3 about him being the coward on the outside).”

Another fan wrote that the Professor’s death could serve as a “full circle moment” because of his father’s demise. Initially, the Royal Mint Heist was orchestrated by the Professor’s father, Jesús Marquina. As a child, the Professor was very ill. The father wanted him to seek treatment in America. The father robbed a bank to pay for his medical bills and was killed in a shootout with police. He died before the Royal Mint Heist came into fruition. 

Ultimately, the Professor organized the money heist crew to make his father’s dream come true. When Berlin (Pedro Alonso) caught the Professor burning old photos of himself and his father, he says, “We’re doing it for him.” Even though the Professor had bigger plans for the money, he and Berlin honored their father through the elaborate money heist. 

Is there a possibility the Professor could die in Vol. 2? While his fate remains uncertain, the Professor is in a great deal of danger. Now that the heist leader has surrendered to the police, fans are wondering if he has a master plan in the works. So, will the gang be able to escape the Bank of Spain alive? For now, fans will have to wait and see in the final installment. 

What should fans expect from the last installment?

As the premiere date for Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 2 steadily approaches, fans want to know how the story will end. While the storyline has remained under wraps, Money Heist creator Álex Pina teased the final installment will focus more on the “emotional situation” of the characters. 

According to Digital Spy, Pina said in a statement, “We decided to work in an extremely aggressive genre, putting The Gang on the ropes. In volume 2, we focus more on the emotional situation of the characters. It is a journey across their sentimental map that connects us directly to their departure.”

Money Heist Part 5 Vol. 2 premieres on Netflix on Dec. 3.