‘Money Heist’ Director Explains Why Nairobi Had to Die

Money Heist fans are in it to win it with their favorite characters as they head into war. Through the wins and losses, grief and triumph, viewers watched the Professor lead his unconventional team into the Royal Mint and Bank of Spain. For some, death claimed them before they could hang up their red jumpsuits for good. And Nairobi was among the fiercest. But like some of her cohorts, she was never meant to make to the end of the TV show.

'Money Heist' Season 4 with Helsinki, Nairobi, Bogota
‘Money Heist’ Season 4 with Helsinki, Nairobi, Bogota | Netflix

‘Money Heist’ director says Nairobi had to die

La Casa de Papel Part 4 served as a catalyst for the gang’s entry into the last leg of their war. Armed with guns and a new sense of urgency, they rallied themselves with a battle cry. It’s none other than, “For Nairobi!” That doesn’t mean there won’t be any more scenes of hearing Tokyo, Professor, Helsinki, and the rest of the crew sing “Bella Ciao,” but their fallen comrade is motivation for season 5.

According to Money Heist director Jesús Colmenar, it works better this way for the character. He and several cast members appeared at the Television Critics Association press tour to discuss the upcoming season, and he touched on Nairobi’s death.

“Nairobi’s personality was not cut for the war we find in this final season, so she wasn’t supposed to be here.  She wasn’t cut for that,” he said, according to Den of Geek. “And I think that this adds momentum to our characters that would be complex to add otherwise. We kill our characters, and I think it adds tension, and it’s a good thing not to be able to know who will be killed and what will happen.” 

Moscow and Berlin greeted Nairobi in the afterworld where she soaked up the sunshine in a red dress. As heartbreaking as her death was, fans know the story must continue. And she’s still part of it.

Alba Flores did not know her character would get shot in part 3

To recap Nairobi’s journey on the series, fans recall that she wanted to reunite with her son. Sierra cruelly lured her to a window and a sniper shot Nairobi in the chest. The Resistance family pulled together to operate on her and get her back on her feet, but then Gandía kidnapped her, battered her, and ultimately shot her in head after betraying his word.

The scene was traumatic and catastrophic for the team and for many fans. Tears flowed. When season 4 concluded, actor Alba Flores shared what it was like filming. She did not always know what to expect for Nairobi.  

Flores and co-stars Darko Perić and Esther Acebo spoke with The Cutaway with William Mullally and explained how creator Álex Pina and his team write the show as they go along. She didn’t know Nairobi would take a bullet to the chest in part 3, but she had a little preparation for part 4.

Fans should expect more faves to die in ‘Money Heist’ Season 5

As the end draws near, fans should prepare themselves for more mourning. Some already predict that the Professor won’t make it out alive, and others are unsure if anyone will survive. Tokyo’s trusty narration, clues in the afterlife world, and the series’ inevitable battle to the death are foreboding.

Hearts will break, blood will spill, and Nairobi shall not die in vain. Watch Money Heist Season 5 when volume 1 drops on Sept. 3.

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