‘Money Heist’ Season 5 Vol. 1 Trailer Drops and Sierra Has the Upper Hand

Nothing’s fair in love and war, and that’s what Money Heist fans will learn when part 5 of the TV show arrives in September. It’s the beginning of the end for the beloved La Casa de Papel, and no one is quite ready to say goodbye to one of Netflix’s biggest international hits.

Part 4 left everyone crying out “For Nairobi” to galvanize the team’s spirit. But things look grim in the latest trailer for volume 1 in the final installment. What will become of Professor and the crew?

'Money Heist' Season 5 with Álvaro Morte as Professor, Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra
‘La Casa de Papel’ Part 5 with Álvaro Morte as Professor, Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra | Manolo Pavon/Netflix

‘Money Heist’ Part 5 trailer is harrowing and explosive

Click-clack go the guns in the fiery trailer for La Casa de Papel Part 5, Volume 1. As the audience does its roll call, we see Tokyo, Lisbon, Palermo, Marseilles, Bogotá, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, Stockholm, Manila, and Berlin in the frames. But it’s the Professor who’s in trouble this time.

Alicia Sierra has him chained up at gunpoint and hanging on by a thread. Before she takes over, he tells the gang, “It’s possible this is the last time I’ll speak to all of you.” She’s nine months pregnant and has them in her grip, or does she?  

They look defeated. And then things change when the tanks roll out. But perhaps Professor has another trick up his sleeve and a contingency plan to get them out of this WAR. Perhaps.

Flashbacks, flash bombs, and bullets fly all over the place, indicating that everyone won’t survive this battle. LCDP director Koldo Serra wrote on Instagram, “Win or die! Giving up is not an option!” and Money Heist co-creator Jesus Colmenar shared the same spirit on his account. “Better Die than Surrender. The moment of truth is here,” and “Hay que luchar hasta el ultimo aliento!” which means, “You have to fight to the last breath!”

Prepare for more tears, death, and bloodshed with your favorite characters.

‘Money Heist’ Part 5 split into 2 volumes

Fans can stream volume 1 of Money Heist’s final season on Sep. 3 but will have to wait three months for the story to finish. Word on the street is that the first half will end on a wild cliffhanger that will leave viewers reeling. It’s a feeling that’s all too familiar for those who have stuck with the gang since day one.

Volume 2 drops on Dec. 3, concluding the 10-episode chapter and wrapping up these characters’ stories. Season 4 was chaotic with Lisbon in police custody and Tokyo captured by the bank’s security head, Gandia. She almost died. Now that everyone is reunited except Professor, a new leader must emerge to help them fight and possibly escape — with the gold.

Berlin and 2 new characters seen in flashbacks

Though Berlin was one of the most toxic members of the group, he’s still a fan favorite, even in death. He appears in the trailer though flashbacks, taking viewers into their plan’s origins. But there are two other characters who will be introduced in LCDP 5, and they’re both blasts from the past.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado joined the cast as two people who were instrumental in Berlin and Tokyo’s lives. Tune in for the first five episodes of Money Heist Season 5 on Sept. 3.

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