‘Money Heist’ Season 5 Vol. 2 Final Episode Titles Revealed Along With a Few Clues

Rest assured that for the first five days of December, millions of Netflix users will stream Money Heist. It’s the last hurrah for the popular series, closing the chapter for everyone’s favorite thieving gang. Professor and his family of renegades have taken us to the Royal Mint, the Bank of Spain, and on an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. Through all these travels and missions, they’ve connected with each other and the audience.

Now it will all end. Netflix and the La Casa de Papel social media team just dropped the titles for episodes 6-10 for Money Heist Part 5 Vol. 2. Based on the images and the phrasing, there may be some clues about what’s to come for Team Resistance.

Denver broods in 'Money Heist' Season 5
Jaime Lorente as Denver in ‘Money Heist’ | Netflix

‘Money Heist’ Vol. 2 episode 6 is ‘Escape Valve’

Check out the La Casa de Papel official Instagram page to find out the title names and the accompanying images. Episode 6 is called “Escape Valve,” and there’s a shot of Rio aiming a rocket launcher at someone. Could it be in the immediate aftermath of Tokyo’s death or further along in the episode?

Episode 7 includes photo of Berlin and Palermo

As fans know, Money Heist has been using flashbacks to tell part of Berlin’s story. Once upon a time, he and Palermo shared a kiss. Though Berlin had plenty of women lovers, there was sexual tension between him and Palermo with the latter falling in love with Berlin.

Episode 7 is named “Wishful Thinking,” but it’s unclear whether this has something to do with one of Berlin or Palermo’s personal relationships or the heist at hand. Palermo now has a sweet spot for Helsinki, so viewers will see if there’s any heartbreak ahead for them.

Episode 8: ‘The Theory of Elegance’

This title may sound poetic or cryptic, but it depends on how you interpret it. There’s an accompanying photo of Lisbon, Bogotá, Manila, Rio, Palermo, and Matías celebrating in the room where they’re melting gold. It could mean they’ve activated their plan. But where does the “elegance” come in?

Astrophysics professor Alyssa Goodman once explained the scientific meaning of the theory of elegance to The New Yorker. “There is something about the way things fit together, a kind of fluidity. If it is done right, and elegantly, you do not see all the individual parts, because they all fit together in a way that looks like a whole.”

In the context of Money Heist, this could mean that the team acts on one accord to extract the gold and find their way out of the bank, and it’s nearly seamless — and without any ego. Wishful thinking would also come into play here.

Episode 9: ‘Pillow Talk’

Here, fans see a photo of Professor draped in his pajamas and robe at a large house. But whose pillow talk matters here? Is it him and Lisbon? Or is it Berlin and Tatiana? Or perhaps Nairobi and someone in the crew? Fans should pay attention to any flashbacks in this penultimate episode, as it may reveal clues about the great escape.

‘Money Heist’ Series Finale Episode 10: ‘A Family Tradition’

The family theme is one that’s repeated itself through La Casa de Papel. Professor and Berlin wanted to carry out their father’s heist plan, but Professor is the only one alive to do it. Moscow and Denver entered the scene as father and son, and now Denver has his own family with Monica/Stockholm. Crime and family go hand in hand.


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But family is the overarching theme for Money Heist and signifies the band’s connection to each other. How tradition plays a role remains to be seen, because more death means the heist could be unsuccessful or the first victory of its kind.

Money Heist Season 5 Vol. 2 arrives on Netflix on Dec. 3.