‘Moon Knight’ Episode 5: Fans Believe Oscar Isaac Played Jake Lockley in 1 Scene

Audiences worldwide have absolutely loved Moon Knight, which has been a wild ride from the very beginning. With only one hour left of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series, many wonder what other surprises the show has in store. But some fans believe that Moon Knight Episode 5 contains a shocking development that is easy to miss — Jake Lockley.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Moon Knight Episode 5, “Asylum.”]

Oscar Isaac, who might play Jake Lockley in 'Moon Knight' Episode 5, wears a long-sleeved dark gray shirt and stares at himself in a mirror.
Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant | Photo by Csaba Aknay/Marvel Studios

‘Moon Knight’ Episode 5 recap

Moon Knight Episode 5, which may feature Jake Lockley, began in the asylum from episode 4. After Arthur Harrow shot Marc, he and Steven woke up in a psychiatric hospital, where they ran into a hippopotamus. Viewers learned that this hippo was Taweret, the Egyptian goddess of women and children. Taweret informs Marc and Steven that they’re dead, and she’s there to guide them to the afterlife. The asylum is actually the Duat, the Egyptian realm of the dead.

Taweret begins to weigh their hearts on the Scales of Justice against the Feather of Truth on her boat. If the scale balances, Marc and Steven can enter the Field of Reeds, the afterlife’s paradise. But if the scale doesn’t balance, then they get thrown overboard, where they will remain frozen in the sand. Unfortunately, Marc and Steven’s hearts are incomplete.

Taweret suggests that they share memories to help settle the scales. Steven discovers that when he and Marc were younger, they had a brother, Randall. He died from drowning, and their mother blamed Marc for his brother’s death. And Marc created Steven due to his mother’s physical and mental abuse. Years later, she died, but Steven refused to accept this reality.

Souls start arriving in the Duat because Harrow and Ammit are judging them and sending them there before their time. Marc and Steven convince Taweret to help them return to the living world, and she steers the boat toward the Gates of Osiris. But even though Steven comes to terms with their mother’s death, their hearts remain unbalanced.

The dead try to drag Marc and Steven from the boat. And when Steven saves Marc’s life, he falls overboard and freezes in the sand. After, the scales balance and Marc finds himself in the Field of Reeds.

Fans think 1 ‘Moon Knight’ Episode 5 scene was actually Jake Lockley, not Marc Spector

At the beginning of Moon Knight Episode 5, Marc finds himself talking with Dr. Harrow. And Harrow asks Marc to tell him about a boy he previously mentioned.

He leans forward, grabs a glass pyramid, and says, “Hey, thank you. I feel really great. I mean, they must pay you a lot of money in this place. You’re really good. I tell you what, I feel like a million dollars, never felt so good. I’m gonna see myself out. Thank You.” When others come to restrain the patient, he yells, “Doctor! No, you’re not … You’re gonna release that monster! He’s gonna destroy everything! No!”

Fans believe that Marc transformed into Jake Lockley at this moment, after Harrow mentioned the boy.

One fan posted on Twitter, “I 100% believe that this was actually Jake, the way he speaks? Marc was more careful even when he was doubting Harrow. Steven obviously has another accent. This alter [ego] just straight out tried to hurt himself and Harrow. This is Jake Lockley, bye.”

“This was Jake Lockley, right? He has a different accent and his actions don’t seem like Marc,” another fan pondered.

To help explain why many think Jake Lockley appeared in the opening Moon Knight Episode 5 scene, a fan wrote, “Everyone’s asking how this could be Jake when he knew about the hippo but hear me out, it was Marc up until Arthur asked about ‘the boy’ which triggered him into Jake fronting.”

Oscar Isaac previously teased that Jake Lockley would appear in ‘Moon Knight’

According to ComicBook.com, Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac alluded to Jake Lockley’s appearance in the show during an interview on the red carpet of the premiere.

One reporter asked the actor in Spanish, “You’re evolving. You’re doing two amazing characters here. How difficult was it for you personally?” And Isaac answered, “Maybe more than two. It could be. You have to watch the series.”

Many fans believe Moon Knight has been teasing Jake Lockley since episode 3, when neither Marc nor Steven could account for their actions. But viewers will have to wait until the next episode to find out if their theories are correct.

The Moon Knight finale airs Wednesday, May 4, on Disney+.

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