‘Moon Knight’ Episode 5: Is the Bird Skeleton From Marc’s Childhood Memory an Easter Egg?

Moon Knight Episode 5 left fans with more questions than answers. And with the Moon Knight finale only one week away, there are many storylines to wrap up. One moment from the episode stands out even more than the rest: the moment when Steven accidentally steps on a bird skeleton in one of Marc’s memories. Learn how this could be a clue to a much deeper storyline for the show.

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight stands in a hospital hallway with ragged clothes.
Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight Episode 5. | Gabor Kotschy/Marvel Studios

The ‘Moon Knight’ hippo deity leads Marc and Steven into a heartbreaking journey through the past

Moon Knight Episode 4 revealed a shocking twist during which Steven is shot and Marc wakes up in a psychiatric hospital. Marc manages to escape the grips of “Dr. Harrow” and his nurses and, as he’s running away, stumbles upon a locked room where Steven is also being held captive. The two escape and begin running down the hallway only to be stopped by the massive (and initially intimidating) Egyptian deity Taweret. During Episode 5, Taweret explains that Marc and Stephen are dead and in the underworld. She also explains that, in order to successfully pass through the Duat and arrive at the Field of Reeds, Marc and Steven’s hearts must balance on a scale against the feather of Maat.

The only way for Marc and Steven to balance the scales is to go through a heartbreaking journey through Marc’s memories. During the memories, fans learn that Marc’s brother died when he was a child and that their mother blamed Marc for the accident. She abused him until he was old enough to leave his home and not return until his mother’s death. The entire episode makes viewers and Marc and Steven question what is and is not real. It’s finally established that Marc created Steven to escape the abuse he was experiencing at home. But even so, Marc’s memories are fragmented and not always conclusive.

Which leads to the bird skeleton.

‘Moon Knight’ Episode 5 bird skeleton memory could mean a lot more

During one of Marc’s memories, Steven follows young Marc and his brother into a cave while it’s raining. However, Steven realizes that the cave is flooding quickly and that he needs to get the kids out. Because it’s a memory, he’s unable to help them, and he realizes he’s witnessing the memory of Marc’s brother’s death. But before all of that happens, as Steven is standing outside the cave, he accidentally steps on a bird skeleton. This skeleton looks a lot like Khonshu.

So, what does that mean? Maybe the skeleton is just a cool way of tying in Khonshu with Marc’s memories. But there’s one thing that Moon Knight fans have learned, nothing is accidental. There has to be a reason for Steven stepping on the skeleton. The Moon Knight cast is known for slipping in Easter eggs that hint at future villains or tie in other comic characters. But the bird skeleton could be an Easter egg hinting at the actual reality of Marc and the Moon Knight show.

Moon Knight Episode 5 showed how Marc became Khonshu’s avatar. He was an adult man on the brink of death when Khonshu offered him life in exchange for his servitude. However, as all Moon Knight fans know, everything is not always as it seems in Marc’s mind. So, this memory could be just that – a fragmented memory that Marc created. Marc created Steven after watching his childhood favorite movie Tomb Buster. So, could Marc have created Kohnshu and his entire memory of being Kohnshu’s avatar on the bird skeleton he saw on the day his brother died? Is the bird skeleton a clue that the Moon Knight season finale will reveal that nothing fans have seen through the series is real and that Marc made it all up in his mind?

The show hasn’t completely followed the ‘Moon Knight’ comics

Fans could argue that this twist would not align with the Moon Knight comics. But the show has already taken liberties with Marc’s story. The show revealed that Marc’s origin story included his brother dying and his mother being abusive. However, in the comics, Marc’s younger brother did not die, and neither of his parents was abusive. So, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities for the show to conclude in a way that doesn’t align with the Moon Knight comics. Hopefully, the Moon Knight finale will offer fans more answers than questions next week.

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