‘Moon Knight’ Fans Think Episode 4 Teases Jake Lockley

Moon Knight has only focused on Marc Spector and Steven Grant, but the vigilante has one other personality fans are dying to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series — Jake Lockley. And people who watched Moon Knight Episode 4 believe that Jake was in the hour, even though we didn’t see his face.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Moon Knight Episode 4, “The Tomb.”]

Oscar Isaac, who might appear as Jake Lockley in 'Moon Knight,' stars in a scene as Steven Grant and Marc Spector. Steven looks at his double reflection while wearing a blue jacket and gray pants.
Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant/Marc Spector | Marvel Studios

A recap of ‘Moon Knight’ Episode 4

At the beginning of Moon Knight Episode 4, Layla fights off some of Arthur Harrow’s followers while Steven lays unconscious after the Egyptian gods imprisoned Khonshu. Steven wakes up, and he and Layla travel to the site of Ammit’s tomb. Since they no longer have powers, Marc begs that Steven give him control of the body. However, Steven refuses.

When they get to the site, Steven and Layla kiss after Steven tells her that Khonshu wants her to be his next Avatar. They venture into the rocks, but they get separated when undead Egyptian priests attack. Layla runs into Arthur, who informs her that Marc was among the mercenaries who killed her father. Meanwhile, Steven discovers the sarcophagus of Ammit’s last Avatar, Alexander the Great. He extracts the goddess’s ushabti from Alexander’s throat.

Layla finds Steven and demands to speak to Marc, and Steven relinquishes control to his other personality. Marc reveals that he was there when Layla’s father died, but his partner murdered him. He killed Marc as well, but Khonshu saved him.

Arthur and his followers find them, and Layla hides with Ammit’s ushabti while Marc holds them off. Arthur shoots Marc twice in the chest.

Marc loses consciousness and is transported to a new reality at a psychiatric hospital. Layla and Arthur are there, along with some items from Marc’s life. But Marc senses something is wrong, so he escapes from the guards. He finds Steven locked inside a sarcophagus. Together, they see another sarcophagus and run into the Egyptian hippo goddess Taweret in Moon Knight Episode 4.

Fans believe Jake Lockley was in the second sarcophagus in ‘Moon Knight’ Episode 4

After Marc frees Steven from the sarcophagus, they stumble upon another one, and someone appears to be inside. Many fans think that Jake Lockley is inside the second sarcophagus in Moon Knight Episode 4. Since Steven, one of Marc’s personalities, was trapped in a coffin, it would make sense if one of his other identities, like Jake Lockley, was in the other sarcophagus.

One fan wrote, “Steven and Marc, you get your a**es back there and take Jake out of that damn sarcophagus right now!”

“Another coffin was shaking! Jake Lockley is coming!” another person exclaimed.

A fan wrote, “Why are Marc and Steven keeping Jake Lockley locked up in that sarcophagus? Let him OUT!!! WTF!!!”

“If we don’t get a Jake Lockley reveal in episode 5 I’ll be officially throwing hands,” one person threatened.

Unfortunately, Marc and Steven hesitate to open up the second sarcophagus. So fans likely won’t know if their theories about Jake Lockley are correct until Moon Knight Episode 5.

Oscar Isaac teased that Jake Lockley could appear in ‘Moon Knight’

Per ComicBook.com, Oscar Isaac may have suggested that Jake Lockley would appear in Moon Knight during an interview on the red carpet for the show’s premiere.

One reporter asked Isaac in Spanish, “You’re evolving. You’re doing two amazing characters here. How difficult was it for you personally?” And the actor responded, “Maybe more than two. It could be. You have to watch the series.”

Aside from Oscar Isaac’s comments, Moon Knight might have teased Jake Lockley before episode 4. While Marc tried to track down Ammit’s tomb in episode 3, he experienced blackouts. Marc believed that Steven had taken over their body and killed a few of Arthur’s followers, but Steven insisted that he didn’t do it. Could Jake have been the culprit? Hopefully, fans will get answers in Moon Knight Episode 5.

Moon Knight airs Wednesdays on Disney+.

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