MoonMoon Called ‘Valorant’ Players Lizard People

MoonMoon is an influential Twitch streamer with strong opinions about a lot of video games, including Valorant. He plays a wide variety of games to create content, but it’s clear that Riot Games’ first-person shooter didn’t leave a good impression on him. MoonMoon called Valorant players lizard people and jokingly warned his viewers about their true intentions in getting others to play the game for a few matches.

‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ and ‘Valorant’ players compare the games

'Valorant,' the game MoonMoon spoke about on stream, during gameplay from first-person perspective with a gun pointed out at other players firing at each other
‘Valorant’ | Riot Games

Valorant is the type of first-person shooter that instantly recalls other hits, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, the latter certainly has a much bigger eSports scene, although the former tries to emulate much of its success. As a result, the two communities frequently pit the two games against one another. Some players claim that Valorant is an outright rip-off of CS:GO, making it simply a lesser version of the long-standing game. Meanwhile, some folks, such as MoonMoon, detest both Valorant and the players that dedicate so much of their time with the first-person shooter.

Meanwhile, other gamers prefer how Valorant plays over CS:GO. They mention that they enjoy the character design that many find reminiscent of Riot’s flagship game, League of Legends. They undeniably understand how to initially sell a game to an audience, but the question is whether it will have the longevity of a title such as CS:GO. It certainly has a large viewership rooted in the Twitch platform.

MoonMoon compares ‘Valorant’ players to lizard people

MoonMoon was recently playing Minecraft when Valorant came into the conversation during a Twitch clip directly from his channel. The Twitch streamer had some particular words regarding the first-person shooter that instantly resulted in engagement with his community. MoonMoon’s viewers responded with emotes indicating laughter and excitement to his comments.

“Guys, if anyone ever comes up to you and they’re like, ‘Hey, man. You want to play a couple rounds of Valorant?’ Just don’t talk to them again,” MoonMoon said with a laugh. “They are not actually human, they’re not human, bro. They’re not, they’re actually not. They’re a lizard person attempting to reclaim you to the Earth’s crust. OK? Be careful.”

Reddit calls out the game’s toxicity

A Reddit conversation emerged about MoonMoon and his Valorant comments in the Twitch clip. One of the most upvoted comments attacked the streamer directly: “I’m gonna be honest, I have never heard this guy say anything positive before.” Meanwhile, others jumped into the conversation surrounding their feelings toward Valorant.

Some Redditors wrote about their experience with toxicity in Valorant. They specifically pointed out racially insensitive insults and other harmful conduct throughout the community. Others pointed out that it’s due to the Fortnite community migrating over.

Others turned the MoonMoon Valorant Twitch clip into a meme. They wrote about how the game changed their lives forever, while other Redditors explained that it’s a children’s video game that Riot used to boost their portfolio outside of League of Legends.

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