Morai Appeared at The End of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ To Center The Story Back On Ahsoka

One of the greatest things about Star Wars: The Clone Wars is just how deep it goes into Star Wars lore and strengthens all of its characters’ developments. One of the best arcs to do that was the Mortis arc in Season 3. Remnants of that arc were seen even all the way into Star Wars Rebels with Morai, the convor attached to Ahsoka. Morai did show up, briefly, in The Clone Wars finale too. And the reason behind this is definitely important. 

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Who is Morai and why did she show up at the end of ‘The Clone Wars’?

In the Mortis arc, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, and Anakin Skywalker are sent to Mortis, a planet that’s sending off a signal that the Jedi find suspicious. Turns out that the inhabitants of the planet, The Father, Son, and Daughter are all embodiments of the Force (balance, Dark, and Light, respectively). They set off a series of events in a three-episode story, and it revolves around the Chosen One prophecy. 

It not only confirms that Anakin is the Chosen One, but it also predicts his fall. It’s one of the most mystical ways the Force is depicted, ever, and it pushes our three favorite Jedi to their limits. 

At one point Ahsoka is taken over by The Son and becomes Dark Ahsoka. She essentially dies and the only way she’s brought back is from The Daughter’s remaining life force, which she sacrificed for Ahsoka. This creates a convor, Morai, who is attached to Ahsoka and follows her through life. Audiences can see Morai in Rebels when she shows up in the World Between Worlds. 

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It’s never explicitly stated why Morai is there or what her exact mission is. However, her appearance in the World Between Worlds helps Ezra find the portal to save Ahsoka’s life in her fight against Darth Vader. So it’s safe to say that Morai is linked to Ahsoka’s own life force and possibly more. 

Filoni shared that he worked on a couple of ways to have Morai show up at the end

Getting into the nitty-gritty of Morai’s connection to Ahsoka is hard, right now, because nothing is explicitly said about it. However, it’s easy to infer that Morai shows up because Vader finds Ahsoka’s lightsaber. Whether it’s because Ahsoka is thinking about him or her lost Force connection to Anakin, or possibly to keep tabs on any threats against Ahsoka, it’s unclear. But Dave Filoni also wasn’t going to divulge too much either. 

“Answering things is not really that fun,” Filoni told Nerdist in a June 10 interview. “I know what the answers are, but the audience is savvy. They all know what’s going on.”

He did reveal, though, that he played with how to put Morai into the scene. Because audiences don’t get a clear or close view of her like they do in Star Wars Rebels

“It just tonally plays out the right way,” he shared. “I used to have different versions of that and the way it [Morai] landed. There were always common things about it. At one point I had that bird perched on the Y-wing fighter and it wasn’t playing right. You have to play with it and it’s always a race to get it right before you run out of time and money. You have to be flexible and able to leap at opportunities that arise.”

Ultimately, Morai’s appearance centers the story back to Ahsoka

Even though Darth Vader is a big player in Star Wars, the appearance of him in the final moments of Star Wars: The Clone Wars wasn’t to deter you away from the focus. But in case it did, Morai was a gentle reminder that Ahsoka’s story is essentially what Season 7 was focused on. 

“…This is not about Anakin. It has something tangential to do with him, but it’s not about him. It really has to be about Ahsoka and Rex and their point of view,” Filoni said. “Anakin’s story is told. That was George. That’s what he did in Revenge of the Sith. So I don’t have to worry about that, but I can tell the story that needs to be told related to her.”

Filoni said that it’s not meant to show Ahsoka is “distraught” nor that she’s necessarily “thinking about Anakin and what happened to him.” It’s a part of the story, but the meaning of Morai in this scene is to center it back on Ahsoka.

All in all, Filoni said it worked out the way he meant it to and essentially is happy with how it did turn out. And considering how much of a success the show was, fans are too. 

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