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Mal turned good during the original Descendants movie. During Descendants 3, though, Audrey decided it was time to be bad. The result was one of the most popular songs from the Disney Channel original film, earning millions of plays on streaming platforms like Spotify. 

Sarah Jeffery in Disney Channel's original movie, 'Descendants 3'
Sarah Jeffery as the character Audrey in Disney Channel’s original movie, ‘Descendants 3’ | David Bukach/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Sarah Jeffery portrayed Audrey in Disney Channel’s original movie, ‘Descendants’

Not everything is perfect for the princes and princesses of Auradon, especially for the often misunderstood Audrey. Portrayed by Sarah Jeffrey, Audrey is a descendant of Princess Aurora. 

As a descendant of the Disney villain Maleficent, Mal and Audrey didn’t always see eye to eye — not just because of their families. Later in the film, Ben broke up with Audrey so he could date Mal. 

Throughout the first and second Descendants movies, Audrey followed all of the rules and drew inside the lines. When none of that worked, though, she became the “Queen of Mean,” decidedly taking over Auradon by force. 

Sarah Jeffery performed ‘Queen of Mean’ for Disney Channel’s ‘Descendants 3’

As one of the first songs in Descendants 3, Audrey performed “Queen of Mean” while stealing the Queen’s crown and Maleficent’s scepter. It quickly became one of the most popular songs from the Disney Channel original movie.

When it first premiered on YouTube, the “Queen of Mean” video joined the “trending” page on the platform. Now about two years later, the video holds over 350 million views. The singalong version of the YouTube video currently has about 5 million views. 

In October 2019, Jeffery appeared in a remixed version of this song and its corresponding music video for Disney Hall of Villains. Some fans even noted the darker undertones of this version, commenting on the “Maleficent” energy.


Sarah Jeffery’s ‘Queen of Mean’ From ‘Descendants 3’ Goes Viral on YouTube

On the streaming platform Spotify, “Queen of Mean” holds the most plays out of any song from Descendants 3, with over 65 million streams. Other popular songs include “Night Falls” and “Good to Be Bad.” 

Jeffery is even featured on songs like “Break This Down” and “Happy Birthday” as Audrey.  When it comes to the actor behind this character, though, “Queen of Mean” holds even more significance. 

“I knew that she was going to take a dark turn, but I don’t think I realized how prevalent it would be until I actually read the script and got into the swing of things,” Jeffery said in an interview with TV Line

“I cried when I heard [‘Queen of Mean’] for the first time,” she continued. “I just thought it was such a powerful song that told Audrey’s story really well. But I really didn’t realize how involved she was until I saw the movie for the first time, once it was all edited together. It felt like she finally got to tell her story.”

Descendants 3 is now available for streaming on Disney+.