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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 ended with many questions that need answers in its new season. The Freeform series has Raelle (Taylor Hickson), Tally (Jessica Suttin), and Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams) become fugitives after sacrificing the life of a fellow soldier. The main characters’ new status was not the only cliffhanger that fans want to see fleshed out in Season 3, as Vice President Silver (Victor Webster) has been an ally of the Camarilla all along. The episode’s last moments reveal Alder’s (Lyne Renée) emotional death is not the end for her.

Lyne Renée as Sara Alder 'Motherland: Fort Salem' wearing military uniform and medals in Season 2
Lyne Renée as Sara Alder ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ | Jeff Petry/Freeform via Getty Images

Season 2 finale introduces a new villain in ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’

The Camarilla attacks the main characters and Fort Salem using the witch plague. Raelle, Tally, and Abigail have no choice but to destroy the Vice President’s daughter, the source of the plague. Their tough decision leads them to be arrested for murder. Fans honestly believed Vice President Silver is mourning the terrible loss of his daughter and is acting irrationally toward the main characters. Bu the final scenes of the season reveal Vice President Silver willingly used his daughter. The leader of the Camarilla injected her with the witch plague. While Vice President Silver sheds tears, he says, “it’s not every day you kill your own daughter,” and says it is for the greater good.

This revelation about the character only complicates Raelle, Tally, and Abigail’s story in Season 3 of Motherland: Fort Salem. The three soldiers are on the run as fugitives after escaping their transport. It can be implied Raelle, Tally, and Abigail will be held responsible for the death and hated by civilians. Knowing Vice President Silver is with the Camarilla, the hunt for the main characters and revolt against the military is imminent.

Sara Alder is reborn inside the Mycelium in Season 2

The Season 2 finale of Motherland: Fort Salem gave fans an emotional farewell to Sara Alder. At the battle in Fort Salem, the Camarilla infects Alder’s biddies with the plague. With no energy source, Alder perishes, and her body ages 300 years. As Alder dies, she holds enough energy to hear Abigail, Tally, Raelle, and Anacostia’s (Demetria McKinney) emotional farewells.

Fans watch as the characters allow the Mycelium to take Alder’s body. In a prior scene, fans learn how the Mycelium was created. Years ago, when Alder helped the United States fight on the frontline, she returns to her coven burned at the stake. In mourning, Alder sings a song full of grief where her fallen covens bodies sink into the ground creating the Mycelium. The Mycelium holds the energy of dead witches.

The final scene of the season shows the intricate inner workings of the Mycelium and something at its center. Fans see Alder’s body rejuvenated by the Mycelium, and her bright blue eyes snap open. Knowing the history of the Mycelium, fans wonder what this means for the character in Season 3.

Fans are unsure where Alder’s story is headed


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Motherland: Fort Salem fans had their opinions about the Season 2 finale. But fans scratch their heads at Alder’s scene in the Mycelium. On Reddit, one user says it was a good idea not to kill off Alder. She adds a level of detailed history as the army’s founder and mentorship that drove the show. One user comments on Alder’s burial, saying, “the decision to want to be pushed into the mycelium as a burial rite +living long enough to see this through without any biddies at all requires a bit of suspended belief to me.”

Some fans wonder if Alder will return as her former self or an upgraded version as she is the founder of the Mycelium. The series portrays the Mycelium with incredible healing abilities. As Alder is 300-years-old and absorbing the powers of her fallen witches, she may become a witch never before seen.