30 Unforgettable Tom Cruise Moments That Changed Hollywood Forever

There are few working actors today as polarizing as Tom Cruise. From his insane movie stunts to his devolved marriages (and all the strange rumors we’ve heard over the years), he’s certainly made a name for himself outside of his movie roles. And there are certain Cruise moments we just can’t ever forget.

From funny to strange to downright dangerous, here are the 30 top moments that are marked in our memories forever.

1. Cruise performed a dangerous Mission: Impossible stunt involving a lot of water

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible | Movieclips via YouTube

When it comes to performing his own stunts, Cruise is known for taking things to the next level. One such instance exists in the first Mission: Impossible film. Gamespot explains in the film, Cruise’s character blows up a giant fish tank holding 16 tons of water. Cruise runs just ahead of the water, skillfully avoiding the exploding glass and tidal wave behind him.

The director was reportedly quite hesitant to allow Cruise to pull this one off, but since the take with the stuntman didn’t look quite right, Cruise jumped right in himself.

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