‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 3’s Sneaky MCU Easter Egg, Explained

Ms. Marvel is one of the most fun installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Spider-Man: Homecoming. The Disney+ series is also having a blast dropping subtle nods to other elements of the MCU, thanks to Kamala Khan’s fangirl status. But Ms. Marvel Episode 3 contained a significant Easter egg that has fans believing that Kamala will have connections to another MCU character aside from Captain Marvel.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Ms. Marvel Episode 3, “Destined.”]

Iman Vellani and Nimra Bucha, in character as Kamala Khan and Najma in 'Ms. Marvel' Episode 3, which contains an MCU Easter egg, share a scene in a living room. Kamala wears a dark blue shirt. Najma wears a black jumpsuit.
Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan and Nimra Bucha as Najma | Photo by Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 3 contains a ‘Shang-Chi’ Easter egg

At the beginning of Ms. Marvel Episode 3, the Marvel Disney+ series took viewers back to British-occupied India in 1942. The flashback explained how Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha first found the mysterious bangle. She and some of her Djinn comrades, including Kamran’s mother Najma, discovered the bracelet on a severed blue arm at an abandoned temple.

The audience later finds out that the group of Djinn needs two bangles to travel back home to the Noor Dimension. But before they could find the other bracelet, the British arrived at the temple, and Aisha had to separate from the others. And she took the bangle with her, which is how Kamala would come in contact with it later.

During the flashback scene, some eagle-eyed Marvel fans noticed an exciting aspect of the temple’s floor. The ground depicts the symbol of the Ten Rings organization, which is a nod toward Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. But what does this Ms. Marvel Easter egg mean for the MCU?

Fans react to the ‘Ms. Marvel’ Easter egg

Following the premiere of Ms. Marvel Episode 3, fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to the Shang-Chi Easter egg.

A user wrote, “The bangle was related to the 10 rings and Wenwu omgomgomg.”

One fan also introduced a possible explanation for the Ten Rings symbol in Ms. Marvel. They said, “Wenmu wanted to rule the world, so the Ten Rings conquered many lands under his control.”

If this is the case, then the Ms. Marvel Easter egg was likely just a fun nod to Shang-Chi. However, as someone else explained, “Nothing Marvel does is by accident or just for fun like that. It’s a connection to wherever the 10 rings originated, probably same place as the bracelet.”

How ‘Ms. Marvel’ and ‘Shang-Chi’ could be related

We’re choosing the believe that Marvel added the Shang-Chi Easter egg to Ms. Marvel Episode 3 for an important reason. There are too many connections between the two for the Easter egg to just be a fluke.

“This is probably why Carol was in that Shang-Chi scene…,” one fan pointed out on Twitter. As many will recall, Captain Marvel appeared in a Shang-Chi post-credits scene along with Wong and Bruce Banner. The three Avengers discussed the origins of the 10 rings with Shang-Chi and Katy, and they discovered that the rings were emitting a beacon.

Of course, Ms. Marvel is directly connected to Captain Marvel, and Kamala is confirmed to appear in the Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels. So it can’t be a coincidence that both characters have ties to Shang-Chi and the 10 rings.

Many fans believe that the 10 rings are connected to the other bangle that the Djinn couldn’t find in 1942. And the rings’ beacon during the Shang-Chi post-credits scene was calling out to Ms. Marvel’s bangle. This is just a theory, but it’s something to keep in mind as Ms. Marvel continues.

Ms. Marvel airs Wednesdays on Disney+.

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