‘Ms. Marvel’ Star Matt Lintz Almost Joined the MCU 6 Years Ago as a Fan-Favorite Avenger

Ms. Marvel introduces a whole new set of heroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Matt Lintz as Bruno Carrelli. But six years before Marvel released the Disney+ series in 2022, the actor was up for the role of another famous MCU superhero.

Matt Lintz, in character as Bruno in 'Ms. Marvel' on Disney+, wears a red and black plaid coat over a gray t-shirt and has a yellow backpack slung over his shoulder.
Matt Lintz as Bruno | Photo by Daniel McFadden/Marvel Studios

Matt Lintz plays Bruno in ‘Ms. Marvel’

The pilot episode of Ms. Marvel introduces Matt Lintz’s Bruno as Kamala Khan’s best friend. Bruno is also very close with the Khan family and attends many gatherings and holidays with them.

Bruno is highly adept in all things tech and even creates a security system he installs in the Khan’s home. He calls it “Zuzu.” It connects all of their devices, similar to Amazon’s Alexa device.

Bruno works at Circle Q, a convenience store, and lives in the apartment above it. It’s unclear where his family is, but he later tells Kamran that his parents aren’t around.

Bruno also has a crush on Kamala, but he never acts on his feelings for her. No matter what, though, Bruno is there for Kamala. He was the first to learn about her powers and helped her navigate them. Bruno even tried to help Kamala understand how she got her powers.

The actor shares his first audition with Marvel

During an interview with Insider, Ms. Marvel star Matt Lintz revealed that his audition for the Disney+ series wasn’t his first Marvel tryout.

“I was in the top for Spider-Man, which eventually went to this guy, Tom Holland. I don’t know if you know who he is,” the actor shared.

According to reports, Lintz was among the top three considered for the role of Spider-Man in the MCU, along with Holland and Charlie Plummer.

Lintz added, “It was cool because [Holland] ended up coming to one of our sets one day, and I just got to speak to him, and I look up to him in so many ways. He’s such an amazing person and an actor, and it seems like life has come full circle.” Marvel was reportedly filming both Spider-Man: No Way Home and Ms. Marvel in Atlanta simultaneously.

We can all agree that everything worked out perfectly. Tom Holland was meant to be Spider-Man, and Matt Lintz was meant to be Bruno in Ms. Marvel.

Matt Lintz describes what it was like to deliver the “mutation” line in ‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 6

Before Bruno left for Caltech at the end of Ms. Marvel Episode 6, Matt Lintz’s character informed Kamala that he had dug more into her DNA. As it turns out, she has a mutation in her genes.

“They didn’t even have it in [the script],” Lintz told Marvel.com. “I remember I was having a conversation about it, and [the directors] were like, ‘Yeah, you say this crazy thing.’ They wouldn’t even tell me what it was! I was like, ‘What’s the deal here?’ They were very secretive about that whole thing.”

The actor continued, “So many people have been waiting for this. There have been so many people excited about it. It’s even cool for me and Iman [Vellani] as viewers because we don’t know what’s going to happen. [This is] something that the fans, and me included, are so excited to see.”

All episodes of Ms. Marvel, starring Matt Lintz, are now streaming on Disney+.

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