‘Ms. Marvel’ Writer Describes Kamala and Bruno’s Relationship as a ‘Slow Burn’

From the first episode of Ms. Marvel, it was clear that there was some romantic tension between Kamala and Bruno. Sparks flew between the childhood best friends, and viewers learn later that Bruno has a one-sided crush on Kamala. And one writer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series explained the thought process behind the development of their relationship and teased what’s to come for them.

Matthew Lintz and Iman Vellani, in character as Bruno and Kamala, share a scene in 'Ms. Marvel' Episode 2. Bruno wears a blue and yellow plaid shirt and yellow backpack. Kamala wears an army green jacket over a white shirt.
Matthew Lintz as Bruno and Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan | Photo by Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

Kamala and Bruno are best friends in ‘Ms. Marvel’

Kamala and Bruno have a very close relationship in Ms. Marvel, and they do almost everything together, including sneaking out to go to AvengerCon. And although he’s never said so, it’s obvious that Bruno has a crush on Kamala.

He helped her make her Captain Marvel costume, he’s close with her family, and he’s one of the few who knows about her powers. Bruno also aided Kamala with her training in Ms. Marvel, and he did a lot of research into what caused the development of her powers. He’s the definition of a loyal friend.

Unfortunately for Bruno, Kamala has her eyes on someone else — Kamran, the new kid at school. And as fans learned in Ms. Marvel Episode 3, Kamran has a lot in common with Kamala, so it’s not looking good for Bruno. But only time will tell how this love triangle will play out in the Disney+ series.

‘Ms. Marvel’ writer addresses the love triangle between Kamala, Bruno, and Kamran

During an interview with Marvel.com, Ms. Marvel head writer Bisha K. Ali discussed Kamala and Bruno’s relationship and how the writers’ room approached the love triangle.

“There was team Bruno, there was team Kamran. There are so many different versions of this,” Ali explained. “It’s that feeling of teenagehood, of ‘do I like this person?’ These new feelings are coming in, and I think that really, in the show as it stands now, it’s kind of reduced a lot compared to how hype we were getting about what team we were on in the writer’s room.”

She continued, “We wanted that relationship [between Kamala and Bruno] to feel meaningful, and to feel like a slow burn — I don’t mean necessarily romantically, but like, the depth of the relationship between her and Bruno. It goes back far. Bruno is a really good friend.”

Although Ali wouldn’t reveal if a romance develops between Bruno and Kamala in Ms. Marvel, at least we know that their friendship will go the distance.

Matt Lintz reveals how his character feels about Kamala and Kamran

Ms. Marvel star Matt Lintz, who plays Bruno, added his two cents on what his character thinks about Kamala and Kamran’s relationship.

“This guy, this good-looking British man, comes in, and he’s like, ‘OK, well, who is this, and what’s going on with that?'” the actor told Marvel.com. “He probably does feel a little insecure, a little out of place because [Kamran] just comes into Kamala’s life. And Bruno, being her good friend, is protective and wants the best for her.”

And while speaking with POPSUGAR, Lintz said, “Bruno is the tech-savvy best friend of Kamala. He’s very empathetic, very loyal, and very protective. Then you have this Kamran character coming in, and he gets very protective over Kamala, but he has been best friends with Kamala since he was young. He’s pretty much inducted into the family. They have a very, very close relationship.”

He added, “Bruno gets his world rocked when his best friend gets powers, and he’s trying to figure that out and traverse all the problems that may cause and the excitement of [it all]. And then we go to this party, and this good-looking British man comes out of the water, and he gets maybe a little bit upset in a way or insecure, and that brings up even more problems or different dynamics in his relationship with Kamala.”

Ms. Marvel airs Wednesdays on Disney+.

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