MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Star Theo Campbell Says His Eye Will Never Fully Heal: ‘I’ma Be Half-Blind Forever’

Those who’ve kept up with MTV’s The Challenge know all about Theo Campbell’s accident. Campbell was hit in the eye with a Champagne cork, and the event was quite serious. He had to miss out on season 35 of The Challenge because of the extent of his injuries. And fans have been concerned for his health ever since.

Now, season 36 of the show is well underway. And fans are wondering how Campbell’s eye is doing now. Unfortunately, it seems his eye may never fully heal. Here’s what he said.

Theo Campbell from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ was involved in a serious champagne cork accident

Campbell was a frontrunner in multiple seasons of The Challenge, and he’s even won a large chunk of change thanks to his physical prowess and mental stamina. Sadly, an accident involving a Champagne cork got the best of him. Back in August 2019, he posted a photo to Instagram showing his eye bandaged, and it came with an explanation.

“So yeah, basically two eye surgeries later after a really unfortunate accident, I’ve lost all vision in my right eye as it got split in half, who would have thought a champagne cork would be the end of me,” he captioned his post. “But I still have one eye left, looking at the bright side of things.”

A witness further filled in the details. “Theo was on holiday in Ibiza enjoying himself when someone popped a bottle of champagne and the cork flew into his eye,” an insider who saw the events unfold told OK! Magazine. “People were screaming when they realized what happened and saw the state of his eye. One of the guys said it looked like his eye had exploded.”

Campbell says he will remain ‘half-blind’ due to the accident

Theo Campbell from MTV's 'The Challenge' on Instagram Stories
Theo Campbell from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ on Instagram Stories | Theo Campbell via Instagram Stories

Fans have been keeping up with Campbell’s recovery since 2019 — and it’s been slow going for the star. In August 2020, he posted another photo to his Instagram showing his eye without the eye patch. “Legally blind – 7 out of 14 stitches left,” he captioned the post.

Now, in 2021, he’s giving his fans yet another update via Instagram Stories. A fan asked, “Is your vision back 100% on the injured eye?”

“It’s healed up all it can now,” Campbell answered. “The damage is deeper into the eye so my vision won’t ever be 100% again. And they say surgery in the long run won’t be worth the risk so just have to accept I’ma be half-blind forever now. We keep it moving.”

After Campbell answered about his eye, another fan asked, “How many more stitches left in your eye now?’

“Seven, I think,” Campbell answered. “They won’t come loose.”

Will Campbell be back on ‘The Challenge’?


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While Campbell’s eye is taking quite a while to recover, he’s staying positive through it all. And it looks like he’s open to coming back on to The Challenge in the future.

“Are we going to see you on The Challenge?” another fan asked.

“Have to ask @mtvthechallenge,” Campbell answered on Instagram Stories.

Fans don’t have high hopes that Campbell will return, though.

“IDK if it is safe to clear him,” a Reddit user commented. “If he lacks depth perception, certain challenges will be very difficult to perform and others could be straight-up dangerous.”

“Man, what an absolute shame,” another fan wrote. “This may be a hot take but I really think Theo had what it took to be a multi-time champion and discussed among the all-time greats if this accident didn’t occur. But I am glad he isn’t beating himself up over it and seems all good about it.”

We’re hopeful that we’ll see Campbell competing again in the future. Until then, we’re hoping he takes it easy and stays well!

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