‘My 600-lb Life’: Is Dr. Now Married And Does He Have Children?

On TLC’s My 600-lb Life, viewers learn nearly everything about the patients of bariatric surgeon, Dr. Nowzaradan – where they live, where they grew up, how they grew up, and more.

Not much is known, however, about the doctor himself.

Dr. Now of TLC's 'My 600-lb Life'
Dr. Now of TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’
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Find out a bit more about this world-renowned surgeon who is helping people change their lives.

The doctor’s view on what it takes to lose weight

Dr. Now feels that patients need to understand that losing weight is mostly a mental battle. It takes a big change in one’s mind to get our bodies to catch up.

“Severe obesity is a complex physical and psychological condition with many components,” he told People in 2017. Not realizing how much of their struggle is psychological and not just physical can be the biggest obstacle for change with patients.”

“Many refuse to admit they have any emotional compulsions or compulsive psychological disorders driving them to overeat.”

“However, once we removed the physical compulsion to eat with weight loss surgery, we have our best window to get them to see that and address those issues that will lead to long-term success for them.”

The importance of family in his patients’ weight loss journey

One point Dr. Nowzaradan makes to his patients frequently on the program is the importance of support, especially from one’s family, and especially on weight loss journeys as arduous and overwhelming as his patients’, who start at such high weights.

“Families can either be enablers or encouragers. Having a supportive family for patients on a weight loss journey is an important component to their success,” Dr. Nowzaradan said in his conversation with People.

“If they don’t have that, it’s almost impossible for them to be successful in the long term, unless they remove those people from their environment. So they either have to change their dynamic with those enablers or separate from them if they want to succeed.”

“There have been a few patients I felt I could no longer help,” Dr. Now shared. “I will always be available if they need me. If they won’t stick to the program, at some point, I can longer help them and they are taking resources from someone else who needs it.”

Dr. Now is divorced and has three children

As for the doctor’s medical status, his wife of 27 years, Delores, filed for divorce in 2002.

The couple oldest child is Jonathan, CEO of Megalomedia, a Texas-based media company. It’s in great part because of Jonathan that My 600-lb Life made it on the air at TLC.

He told The Austin Chronicle in 2007, “The people who are over 700 pounds think that they’re the only person on the planet like that. But there are millions, some people suspect in the tens of millions, of people in America. We want them to know that not only are they not alone, but there are doctors who will help. Don’t give up, and don’t just decide to die.”

The doctor’s two other children, Jennifer and Jessica, both work in the arts.