‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Season 10: Whitney Way Thore’s Family Hasn’t Met ‘The Frenchman’

TLC fans can’t wait to see the My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 premiere. Whitney Way Thore is back, and fans get to see what she’s been up to since season 9. The last season introduced Whitney’s new boyfriend, who goes by the alias “the Frenchman” for anonymity purposes. Now, it seems the new season might focus on what her family and friends think — and they haven’t even met him yet.

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Season 10 will showcase Whitney Way Thore’s relationship

Whitney Way Thore talking to the Frenchman on the phone in 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life'
Whitney Way Thore in ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ | TLC UK via YouTube

Whitney Way Thore and “the Frenchman” will be at the center of My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10. In season 9, Whitney went through an extremely difficult breakup with her ex-fiancé, Chase Severino, and she then started seeing this man who lives in Paris. The Frenchman got to know Whitney as her online French tutor, and they developed a close bond. Whitney even purchased a one-way ticket to Paris to see him at one point.

“I’m really excited to let the Frenchman know that it’s official. I’m coming,” she said on the show, according to People. “I’m halfway expecting him to be like, ‘Oh no wait I wasn’t serious!'”

“I’m real, real happy to hear this … I wasn’t expecting you to do it,” the Frenchman said in response to her ticket purchase. “But, yeah, it’s actually happening, so I’m going to get to show you around, it’s going to be cool.”

As of February 2022, the couple was still together. We anticipate season 10 exploring more of what their relationship may look like going forward.

Her family still hasn’t met ‘the Frenchman’

With Whitney Way Thore and the Frenchman’s relationship at the center of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney wants her family to meet him. HollywoodLife notes a preview for the new season shows Whitney hoping to have her mom, who was hospitalized for a stroke, meet her boyfriend.

“I just thought about all the people that I may meet and they wouldn’t get to meet my mother, and they wouldn’t get to know my mother,” Whitney says. “The Frenchman may not meet her. Even though he’s met her on the phone and stuff, it’s not the same.”

When the topic arises with her friend Todd, he also mentions he’s never “seen” this boyfriend in real life, and he questions the validity of their relationship.

Another preview for the new season shows Whitney hiring her ex-boyfriend, Lennie, to help her film an online fitness video. The topic of the Frenchman comes up with Lennie, too. Lennie tells Whitney he thought her relationship with this new man might be open because he’s never around.

“Open? The only thing that’s open in our relationship is my heart,” Whitney responds.

“It has been pretty weird rekindling a relationship with Whitney when she has a boyfriend, but he’s not really in the picture,” Lennie says. “So, I’ve never seen him. I kind of just pretend that he doesn’t exist.”

Is Whitney still dating ‘the Frenchman’? What we know about their relationship in 2022

Is Whitney Way Thore dating the Frenchman as of August 2022 when My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 premieres?

Whitney was still dating him as of February 2022, but she’s kept quiet about their relationship in more recent months. This could be due to her boyfriend’s request for a more anonymous life. On the other hand, she posted on Aug. 9 that she hasn’t added as much to social media due to helping her mother recover from a stroke. “I know I’ve been more quiet than usual on social media for the last six months,” Whitney posted to Instagram. “We’ve all been focusing on helping my mother recover as much as possible.”

We look forward to updates about her dating life with the new season.

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