‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Way Thore Claps Back After People Offer Her Weight-Loss Advice on Instagram

Whitney Way Thore isn’t looking for health tips from people on social media.The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star recently shared a photo of herself rocking a black and red bikini on the beach in Puerto Rico. Some people took the throwback image from Thore’s 2019 vacation as an invitation to offer some unsolicited medical advice. But the reality star clapped back, making it clear she wasn’t interested in suggestions for how to change her body. 

Whitney Way Thore shares bikini snap

Thore has made it her mission to embrace body positivity. One way she’s doing that is by sharing photos, such as the one she shared on July 5 of herself posing on a beach in her bikini to celebrate National Bikini Day. 

Most of the comments on the TLC star’s post were positive, with people praising her for sharing the image. Several told Thore she was an inspiration. 

“You’re beautiful!! I wish I had your confidence,” one wrote. Others asked the reality star where she bought her swimsuits.  

The ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ star responded to comments about her weight

Whitney Way Thore
Whitney Way Thore | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for TLC

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While many people had positive things to say to Thore, a few people decided to offer her some unsolicited advice. One assumed the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star was looking for weight loss tips. 

“Whitney get on Metformin. The weight will fall off,” one person wrote. 

Thore responded, telling the commenter that she has been taking metformin for 15 years. A number of other people also shared their reaction to the original comment, with one saying it was “kinda rude” and another writing that Thore was “beautiful and healthy just the way she is.”

“I don’t recall the part where Whitney asked for weight loss advice here,” one person wrote. “All I see is a glorious person living their best life in a fabulous bikini. Kinda weird and uncalled for to plop down some unsolicited weight loss stuff up in here.”

Another person tries to diagnose Whitney Way Thore 

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Another person apparently felt they could diagnose Thore’s possible health issues just by looking at her photo. 

“Amazing confidence! Lipedema robs a lot of us of that confidence nice to see you not letting it,” they wrote. Lipedema is a medical condition that causes extra fat to accumulate in the lower part of a person’s body, according to the Cleveland Clinic. It might be connected to hormones and women are most likely to be affected.

While the commenter was confident Thore had lipedema, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star says that’s not the case. “I don’t have lipedema. I’m just fat.” she responded. 

“If you say so…” replied the disbelieving follower. 

Several other people called out the commenter for her comments on Thore’s health and weight. 

“Girl, learn some manners,” one wrote. “If you have nothing nice to keep strolling. She is absolutely beautiful.”

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