Mysterio Needs to Get His Hands on a Reality Stone ASAP

Mysterio is one of Spider-Mans greatest rivals. However, after Jake Gyllenhaal donned the iconic fishbowl mask and terrorized Europe in the sequel.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version was revealed to be a fraud whose claims of coming from another dimension were little more than elaborate stage shows played out in front of an unsuspecting audience.

After the finale, many were left wanting more. However, if the villain comes back in a more powerful form, he could get some help from a staple of the franchise. That is if fans have their way.

Mysterio’s MCU journey

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal | Mike Smith/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Mysterio has been a trixter within the comic universe for many years. Born Quentin Beck, his origins and motives have changed throughout the years. Still, Mysterio’s plans of using tactics that blur the line between what is real and what is fake have guided him to several memorable showdowns over the years. Bitter about Tony Stark’s lapses in judgment, Mysterio becomes a villain who uses hologram technology to trick people into believing he’s from another dimension. 

With Stark out of the picture, he uses Nick Fury to get to his heir apparent, Spider-Manand stop what he believes to be an oncoming war. At the end of the film, however, it is all a ruse. We hear that entire backstory. Though Mysterio is dead and gone, he got the news of Peter Parker’s true identity to radio nutjob, J. Jonah Jameson, before his death. 

The film ends with Jameson revealing the true identity of his least-favorite vigilante to the world. Everything else remains a mystery. With so many rumors about his future in the MCU, fans are having some fun with potential matchups on series like What If, which will allow for alternative tellings of past events to take form. 

One of the most intriguing of these is a potential battle against Thanos. 

Thanos vs. Mysterio

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Sharing some fan art featuring the MCU villains getting their way, fans on Reddit mused about potential what-if scenarios that intrigue them. One of these scenarios saw Thanos facing off against Mysterio. This kicked off discussions of how it could work. 

“Oh God, imagine a battle between Mysterio’s illusion tech versus Thanos and the Reality Stone,” one fan wrote while swooning over the potential matchup.

Adding to the discussion, another use started making up a dream scenario on the spot. “Ironically, I could totally see Mysterio Illusions being made real by the reality stone if he could get his hands on it.”

For fans of the MCU, this has the makings of an epic battle in which Mysterio could theoretically use the same tricks he pulled in Far From Home but summon whatever he wanted. This, combined with Thanos’ power with or without rings, makes for an intriguing battle between two forces who are willing to stop at nothing to get their desires accomplished. 

However, while this isn’t a likely scenario for What If…?, others like it could come up in the upcoming series. 

Mysterio: ‘What If…?’

What If…? will be unlike any other MCU property to date. Taking a page from the book of every schoolkid that has had these conversations, the series will have Jeffrey Wright’s Uatu watch the multiverse and occasionally intervening, adding alternative timelines to certain events that people already saw. Much like WandaVision, the series will take an episodic approach that ties into the big-screen while remaining its own thing. 

While the specific scenarios will debut in 2021, fans can look forward to seeing their favorite characters in familiar scenarios with not-so-familiar results when it drops in the middle of the year.