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There are many genres on TV these days, and cooking shows are one of the most popular. Gone are the days when cooking shows were simply instructional videos of a cook in the kitchen. Now there are several types of cooking shows, with some of the most popular involving competitions. While The Food Network and the Cooking Channel are dedicated exclusively to food programs, major network channels also have food shows.

Netflix also has dipped its toes in food programming. Nailed It! is a competition cooking show that features amateur bakers who seek redemption in the kitchen. Each episode features three contestants that try to replicate a recipe. The winner takes home $10 thousand. Of course, this might sound like a familiar formula for a cooking show. There are several series similar to Nailed It! on TV.

‘The Big Family Cooking Showdown’

According to The CInemaholicTBFCS is great for those who enjoy family-friendly programming that involves competitions. The series initially aired on BBC, but you can stream it on Netflix. The series features 16 of Britain’s best cooking families. Each episode showcases two families who compete with each other over three challenges. Eventually, eight of the best families move onto the semi-finals. Then the top three families compete in the finale.

Most of the challenges occur in family homes, giving it a different feel from shows in elaborate kitchens. Season One’s finale was also local as the finalist cooked a meal for their neighbors. The finale winners earn the bragging rights to being the best family of cooks in the nation. They also are awarded an engraved, wooden cutting board.

‘Cooking on High’

Although Cooking on High is a food competition show, it has a twist that sticks out from the competitors. The show focuses on foods containing marijuana. Each episode comedian, Ngaio Bealum, introduces a specific strain of weed. He explains the different features of the strain and what type of high to expect from the consumption. Then three contestants make dishes using marijuana. The chefs are experts in marijuana-infused cuisine as well as the benefits of medical marijuana. A different theme is presented to contestants every week, but they have a lot of creative liberty beyond that. Dishes range from marijuana-infused cod to sandwiches.  

After the dishes are completed, celebrity judges rate them despite having questionable food expertise themselves. After a THC break where the judges allow the marijuana to take effect, the contestants score between one and ten pot leaves. The contestant with the most pot leaves wins. There is no cash prize, but the winner receives a golden pot. 

Ugly Delicious


Food Network Fans’ Biggest Complaint? Not Enough ‘Healthy’ Cooking Shows

Cooking competition shows are popular and entertaining, but some viewers might prefer a different type of show. The cast of Ugly Delicious travels all over the world to discover different cuisines. The founder of Momofuku, David Chang, aimed to create a show that combined history, travel, and food. Each episode features a different dish.

The documentary series probes diversifying topics. For example, one episode features pizza. It begs to answer what authentic pizza is and where it originated. Is it Italian or American? The cast goes from Italy to New Jersey, analyzing the history and differing styles. Other episodes delve into what is authentic Middle Eastern food. Are certain dishes Arab or Iranian? Although Chang is experienced in the food industry, he doesn’t shy away from admitting he doesn’t know everything. For example, he admits he doesn’t know much about Indian cuisine. 

The show also digs into sustainability, socioeconomic influences, and more, particularly in an episode featuring steak. Chang even gets personal while revealing how his life as a parent affects cuisine in an episode on kid cuisine.