‘Naomi’: The DC Comics Superhero Is More Powerful Than Batman

The CW’s Naomi introduces a teen superhero who is relatively new to the DC Comics universe. Here’s a breakdown of who Naomi is in the comics, her abilities, and how powerful she is compared to other DC heroes

In DC Comics Naomi is tied to Superman, Batman and the Justice League 

'Naomi' poster featuring star Kaci Walfall
‘Naomi’ poster featuring star Kaci Walfall | Ramona Rosales / The CW

The CW show is based on Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell’s 2019 DC/Wonder Comics series, Naomi.  The titular superhero is the child of metahumans parents who are killed by the criminal Zumbado on their alternate Earth. As a baby, Naomi is sent to Earth-0, where Rannian Greg Duffie and his wife adopt her. 

Naomi grows up in their quiet Oregon town, until one day, on her birthday, Superman arrives fighting the villain, Mongol. His appearance prompts the teen to search through her own past. When Greg reveals the truth and hands her a message from her parents, Naomi’s powers manifest.  

She eventually goes back to her Earth to battle Zumbado. And when she returns, Naomi visits Superman and Batman in Metropolis. Later, the hero joins the Justice League, where Aquaman coins her superhero name, Powerhouse. 

Naomi has immense powers in DC Comics

Naomi is a young superhero coming into her powers. And in the first comics, she exhibits a range of amazing abilities. 


Naomi Inherited her gifts from her parents, who became metahumans after being exposed to mysterious radioactive energy. She wields that same energy inside her. And it gives her the power to fly, release immense amounts of energy from her hands, and create the super-suit she wears. The force also makes Naomi physically resilient and tremendously strong. 

While new to DC, Naomi is more powerful than some of DC’s finest, including Batman and Green Arrow. And it will be interesting to see where the CW show takes her story. 

But series star Kaci Walfall says the CW show isn’t centered on the superhero’s powers

Naomi is a DC series. But star Kaci Walfall, who plays Naomi, notes the show isn’t like typical superhero fare because it doesn’t focus on the hero’s abilities. 

“I think what separates Naomi from other superhero shows is it looks different than other shows,” Walfall told DC TV Podcasts. “But I also think that it is not [just about] that she gets powers. And it’s she’s super happy. I think that in this show, we explore the pressure of that [getting super-powers] and the pressure of someone putting such a big destiny on someone.”

The CW series picks up with the teen just as she begins to discover her origins and powers. And according to Walfall, it will highlight Naomi’s experience as if it were unraveling in the real world. 

“I would say [what] fans get out of it is a different story,” the actor said. “I think that the show is grounded in real circumstances. Although the circumstances aren’t real, what we would do, what a 16-year-old black girl would do if she found out that she had this hidden destiny. So I hope fans appreciate and take away a new narrative but I also hope people are reminded: don’t believe everything you think and don’t believe everything you hear and really make decisions for your own self.”

Naomi airs Tuesdays on The CW.