‘Narcos: Mexico’ Season 3: Showrunner Explains His 1 Regret About Casting Bad Bunny

Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico features an array of talented guest stars. One of the cast members is Puerto Rican rapper/songwriter Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, also known as Bad Bunny. The Grammy-award-winning artist will star in the third season of the crime series. Before the season 3 premiere, Narcos: Mexico showrunner Carlo Bernard shared one regret about casting the Latin star. 

Who does Bad Bunny play in ‘Narcos: Mexico’?

In November 2020, Netflix unveiled a first look at the cast of Narcos: Mexico – on the list was Latin rapper Bad Bunny. The chart-topping artist has a guest star role in the third season of Narcos: Mexico. Bad Bunny will play Arturo “Kitty” Paez, a member of Ramon Arellano Felix’s gang called “Narco Juniors.” According to the press release, the gang features “rich, well-connected kids from upper society who fell in with the cartel life for the money, drugs, and violence.”

Showrunner Carlo Bernard shares one regret about casting Bad Bunny

Manuel Masalva, and Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio standing by a car in 'Narcos: Mexico' Season 3.
(L to R) Manuel Masalva, and Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio | Juan Rosas/Netflix

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Narcos: Mexico showrunner Carlo Bernard talked about the third and final season. He revealed the casting team was excited to hear Bad Bunny wanted to star in the show.

“Everybody under 30 in the office lost their s****,” he explained. “I was like, ‘Oh, I should probably pay more attention to this!’ He put himself on tape, and – to no surprise – he’s very watchable, and you’re innately drawn to him.”

However, Bernard shared that he regrets not giving the musician more to do. “Whatever we gave him, he killed.”

Either way, Bad Bunny was excited to be a part of the series. The rapper admitted that he’s a massive fan of the Narcos: Mexico series. “I loved the original Narcos, so when they announced Narcos: Mexico, I was sold; I’m honored to be a part of the show,” he said. “Kitty is a charismatic guy who loved looking fresh. He likes nice things, and I can really relate to that!”

Who joins Bad Bunny in ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Season 3?


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Numerous guest stars will join the cast of Narcos: Mexico Season 3. Along with Bad Bunny, the third season will introduce Luis Gerardo Méndez, Alberto Guerra, and Luisa Rubino. Additionally, the series regulars include Scoot McNairy, José María Yázpik, Alfonso Dosal, Mayra Hermosillo, Matt Letscher, Manuel Masalva, Alejandro Edda, and Gorka Lasaosa.

When is the final season premiering on Netflix?

Netflix announced Narcos: Mexico Season 3 would premiere on Nov. 5. Per Oprah Daily, the crime series began filming before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic shut down production globally. So, when the cast/crew implemented safety guidelines, the show resumed production.

The third season takes place in the 1990s, where the drug trade ignited worldwide. Also, Narcos: Mexico Season 3 centers around the war that erupts after Félix Gallardo’s (Diego Luna) arrest. Per Netflix, the official synopsis reads: As newly independent cartels struggle to survive political upheaval and escalating violence, a new generation of Mexican kingpins emerge. But in this war, truth is the first casualty – and every arrest, murder, and take-done only pushes real victory further away.”