‘NCIS’ Boss Reveals What’s in Store for ‘NCIS’ Season 20

NCIS Season 20 has finally arrived. During a recent interview, showrunner and executive producer Steven D. Binder revealed what we can expect from the new season. Here’s everything we know about the TV show’s 20th season.

‘NCIS’ Season 20 will focus more on the characters

Katrina Law, Gary Cole, Sean Murray, and Wilmer Valderrama on the set of NCIS.
Katrina Law, Gary Cole, Sean Murray, and Wilmer Valderrama | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Although we do get an inside peek at the lives of the agents, the episodes mostly focus on the cases. That will change this season. Binder tells TV Line there will be more of a focus on the characters.

NCIS will “really be focusing each episode on one of our characters,” says Binder. “We’re really leaning into our characters this time around and focusing full episodes around them.”

One treat you’ll get during season 20 is a look at McGee’s (played by Sean Murray) life as a dad. “We see McGee as an agent, but he’s also a dad, so we’re going to have a show that focuses around him being a dad, which should be fun,” says Binder.

Jimmy and Knight’s relationship will be different from Ziva and Tony and Torres and Bishop

Ziva and Tony’s relationship and Torres and Bishop’s relationship had an air of mystery. Binder says the relationship between Jimmy and Knight will be different from these relationships. Instead of a will-they-won’t-they dynamic, we’ll see a more direct path for these two. Thankfully, we won’t be left guessing when it comes to the status of their relationship.

“This one is something that we birthed ourselves, in a vacuum,” Binder tells TV Line. “We didn’t want to go down the same road we went down before. Instead, we wanted it to play out more realistically — two people at work, who actually having feelings towards each other, and they’re not being so coy about it.”

You’ll see some familiar faces

Some familiar faces will return for NCIS Season 20. One character you’ll see again is Dr. Grace Confalone. We’ll also see agent Parker’s ex-wife, Vivian, as well as some of the character’s family members, according to Binder.

We also can’t wait to see more of Ducky (played by David McCallum) and Tobias Fornell (played by Joe Spano). It’s always a treat to see them in an episode.

We’ll hear about Gibbs

Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) is gone but not forgotten. His presence will continue to be felt throughout the season. Although Gibbs has been gone, there are still references sprinkled throughout the show. One example is when some of the agents received money from his scholarship fund.

“When he has ‘appeared’ so far, it was things like the college trust fund that he deposited money into, things that gave us no shape to who or what kind of life he is living right now,” says Binder during his TV Line interview. “We do have plans to involve him in those ways again… ways that don’t rip off the scab and don’t ruin what I thought was the only fitting ending we could have given this guy.”

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