‘NCIS’ Creator and Producer to Helm ‘The Expendables’ TV Series: Is It Destined to Fail?

Australian Television writer and producer Shane Brennan is best known for his work on NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. He is the current executive producer behind the original series (which happens to be a Jag spinoff), and the creator behind the Los Angeles version starring LL Cool J, Daniela Ruah, Linda Hunt, Chris O’Donnell, and more. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
Actress Renee Felice Smith, writer Shane Brennan, actor Chris O’Donnell, actress Daniela Rush, actor Eric Christian | Tasia Wells/FilmMagic

What else has Shane Brennan done in his career, and is he prepared to take on the challenge that comes with an Expendables TV series — based on the existing movie franchise of the same name? 

Inside ‘NCIS’ producer Shane Brennan’s Career 

Shane Brennan is a producer and writer whose work in the TV space is more well-known than his cinematic ventures. Brennan was the Executive Producer behind the short-lived police drama King & Maxwell starring Rebecca Romijn and Jon Tenney. Critics condemned the series for its reliance on buddy cop tropes and narrative predictability, and the show never rose to popularity. 

Brennan’s credits as a producer range from WB’s melodramatic Summerland to the famed One Tree Hill, yet his involvement with the latter was quite limited, as he co-executive produced one episode. 

Despite a few flops to his portfolio, Brenna was also one of the many successful visionaries behind the popular show, CSI: Miami. CSI: Miami ran for 10 seasons, and Shane Brennan worked on one full season, as the Supervising Producer from 2003 to 2004. Brennan also worked on the series Flipper and the TV movie Witch Hunt. 

When it comes to writing, Brennan has dipped his toes in a handful of different productions, working briefly on McLeod’s Daughters, The Lost World, Tales of the South Seas, Crash Zones, the above-mentioned productions, and more. After all this time, is the man behind NCIS ready for The Expendables the show, and what do we know about the series? 

Shane Brennan and ‘The Expendables’ TV Show 

The Expendables TV show has only recently been announced, and a premiere date has yet to be confirmed. The show will be based on the film franchise of the same name, yet it’s unlikely that any of the major stars will boast leading roles in the series; rather, a few cameo appearances may be expected (if and when the show manages to succeed). 

Shane Brennan Productions is partnering with CBS Television Studios, Lionsgate Television, and more to bring the show to audiences. Considering Brennan’s vast experience in the police drama world, here’s to hoping he could bring the action-themed franchise — with all its over-the-top hyper-masculinity and action-packed sequences — to the small-screen without resorting to typical TV narratives about good guys and bad guys. 

Fans need some grey morality in this series; they need some unpredictable plots and strong character dynamics among equally stubborn men. Go-to cliffhangers between episodes and procedural qualities that define NCIS will not work for a show based on a movie that — without its strong leads — leaves a great deal to be desired. Both the first and third installments were condemned among critics for failing to hit the heights the promising cast set forth. In other words, Brennan better have a plan for strengthening the source material’s foundation, unless he can afford major movie stars…