NCIS: New Orleans’ Bosses Reveal What Season 8 Would’ve Looked Like if the Show Wasn’t Cancelled

The NCIS: New Orleans series finale aired last night, much to the dismay of fans. News of the show’s cancellation rocked the NCIS fandom when it was announced earlier this year. Now, the executives behind the show have given fans some insight on what would have happened on NCIS: New Orleans Season 8 had the show not been canceled.

Scott Bakula as Special Agent Dwayne Pride
Scott Bakula as Special Agent Dwayne Pride | Skip Bolen/CBS via Getty Images

What would have happened in ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Season 8


NCIS: New Orleans’ series finale did give fans a somewhat happy ending. Pride got married to Rita and instead of having to give his son back to his ex, Sasha, she went on the run and left the child with Pride. These things would have still happened if the show wasn’t ending.

“The things that we set up in the finale are exactly the things that we would have continued to develop in a season 8,” executive producer Jan Nash told Entertainment Tonight. “We would’ve explored Pride’s new marriage and his relationship with Connor. We would have explored whatever was going to come with the Hannah-Carter relationship. We would have watched what happened with the newly alone Sebastian, and how that affected his relationship with Gregorio. Has she moved on? 

“I think we would have blended as we did in this last season the solving the crimes with the character stories in a way that would’ve allowed us to continue to really make very solid episodes,” Nash continued.

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Nash went on to say that the team was proud of the way that the series ended but they would have also enjoyed having another season.

“And I think we would have felt just as good if there had been a season 8,” Nash said. “We would’ve gotten to something that would have been just as satisfying for the audience. That wasn’t as hard.’

Why was ‘NCIS: New Orleans cancelled?

In February, CBS announced that NCIS: New Orleans was cancelled.

“Sad to end our love affair with this phenomenal city but so grateful for all the friends we made along the way,” executive producer Scott Bakula said in a statement, according to Deadline. “I will miss the music. Big thank you to CBS for seven years.”

As the youngest in the NCIS franchise, some fans thought that the show was cut off too soon, but execs promised to give the show the ending it deserved.

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“From the start, NCIS: New Orleans was able to distinguish itself with its New Orleans authenticity,” Kelly Kahl, President of CBS Entertainment said, according to the outlet. “From the colors and music to the vibrancy and stories you can only find in the Big Easy. Thanks to the amazing talents of the producers, writers, cast and crew, ‘NOLA’ has played a key role on our schedule. We’re pleased to give it a big sendoff and that viewers will have the opportunity to say goodbye to their favorite characters as the final season wraps.”

Unfortunately, NCIS: New Orleans just didn’t perform as well as the original and NCIS: LA. According to TVLine, the show’s viewership dropped 25% between season 6 and 7 of the show. A new spinoff, NCIS: Hawaii, will now be joining the franchise’s roster.