‘NCIS’ Shuts Down Production Amid Coronavirus Outbreak: A ‘Tiva’ Reunion Now Seems Very Unlikely

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, several movies and TV shows have been forced to delay production or change their daily routines. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert are no longer recording with studio audiences. And, Disney’s Mulan and The New Mutants have been pushed back, while Shang-Chi has stopped work dead in its tracks. And these are only a handful of movies and shows coping with coronavirus’ consequences.

Cast ff the CBS series ‘NCIS’ | Kevin Lynch/CBS via Getty Images)

Now, in the latest TV news to the surface, NCIS will be shutting down production a bit early. With news that fewer episodes will be coming, is Cote de Pablo gone for good? Will her farewell to fellow NCIS agents mark her final goodbye. Will that Tony-Ziva reunion fans have been anxiously anticipating never come? 

‘NCIS’ star Brian Dietzen takes to Twitter 

NCIS star Brian Dietzen reached out to his Twitter following to inform NCIS fans that, amid the coronavirus outbreak, the show will be shutting down production, and ending with four fewer episodes than is customary of an NCIS season. Dietzen, who plays fan-favorite Jimmy Palmer on the crime procedural, reported the following: 

Unfortunately we’ll be shutting down production of NCIS for the remainder of the season after we wrap tomorrow. We’ll produce 20 of our 24 episode order. t’s been a tremendous year and we have a few more great episodes for you all. Thank you so much for all the support.

Dietzen Twitter 

Dietzen went on to clarify that the show will air new episodes through the end of the month and into April, noting that they will be “pretty great” as well. Since Dietzen explained that the cast is stopping “production now,” only twenty complete episodes will air as part of the season; meaning, if a “Tiva” reunion moment was planned for a brief instant at the end of the season, fans may have to relinquish all hope. 

A Tony and Ziva Reunion now seems improbable for ‘NCIS’ season 17 

While Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David recently bid her fellow agents farewell in NCIS, she was going to meet Tony — to explain to her former love and father of her child all that has gone down and all that has kept her from their family. Meaning, fans hoped that Cote de Pablo’s run on the show wasn’t quite over. 

Fans were banking on Michael Weatherly’s return as DiNozzo — for a brief cameo — just to tie a nice bow on the arc. However, with production immediately stopped, it’s unlikely that such will come to be, as the writers were likely saving such a moment for the very end, as the show is known for some between-season cliffhangers, and what better than one that reintroduces Weatherly’s DiNozzo?