‘NCIS’: The One Character Most Fans Can’t Stand

NCIS is one of the longest-running shows on television. Since 2003, fans have followed along with the exploits of an elite team of special agents as they investigate complex criminal cases. Many fans have grown up with the show, and consider many of the characters, and the actors that portray them, to be family members. However, not all the characters featured on NCIS over the years have earned such fan acclaim. Some have even been met with open revulsion.

What is ‘NCIS’ about?

NCIS is based on a real agency that operates out of Washington, D.C., the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. It was this foundation of realism, as well as a few expert show-runners, that helped propel the show to greatness over the course of only a few seasons. While NCIS wasn’t an immediate hit for the CBS network, it gained traction quickly, and soon became one of the most-watched shows on television, a position that it still holds today.

NCIS is unique from other police procedural shows in that the series includes a mix of humor, drama, and character development. Many of the main characters undergo dramatic personal changes throughout the course of the series, and viewers are taken along for the ride.

The most beloved show characters

Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the show’s leading man, played by Mark Harmon. Gibbs, a former marine turned special agent, is undoubtedly a fan favorite. Harmon was one of the very first actors cast and has appeared in nearly every episode of NCIS throughout the show’s sixteen-season run. Harmon has grown very attached to the role and opened up in a recent interview about how incredible it has been to become so closely identified with such a popular character. Harmon even admitted that while he doesn’t know how long the show will ultimately last, he will probably never find another role that he loves more than that of Gibbs.

Another popular character among the NCIS fanbase is Timothy McGee, played by Sean Murray. Murray has been on the show almost as long as Harmon, and fans often cite McGee’s multi-faceted personality as a reason for his immense popularity. McGee is a family man with a heart of gold, who isn’t afraid of tackling the toughest assignments in order to get the job done. He’s also fiercely loyal to his team and has a deep affection for computer games and new software.

The character that most fans dislike

Although by and large, fans love the characters on NCIS, there are a few that haven’t been so quick to earn audience affection. Mario Bello, who plays Dr. Jack Sloane, is a relatively new character and hasn’t been nearly so popular with fans of the show. Sloane is a psychologist and frequently deals with patients who have suffered serious trauma as a result of the crimes that the unit is investigating. A recent Reddit post claims that Sloane just isn’t that interesting of a character, and suffers from rather uncomfortable interactions with other cast members. 

Eleanor Bishop, played by Emily Wickersham, is another character that is not very well liked by the fan community. Bishop is an analyst who first appeared in season 11 of NCIS, and has been on the show sporadically ever since. Many fans disliked the relationship that developed between Bishop and fellow agent Nicholas Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) in the past several seasons, and have also cited her backstory as uninteresting.

Although fans will never love everything and everyone that appears on a show, NCIS has been luckier than most in terms of fan loyalty. Even with the few unpopular characters, there’s little doubt that NCIS will continue to be a viewer favorite for years to come.