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The latest NCIS Season 19 episode gives us a glimpse inside Agent Knight and Palmer’s relationship. It looks like things are starting to heat up for these two. Here’s what happened last time as we get closer to the NCIS Season 19 finale.

‘NCIS’ Season 19 Episode 20 focuses on Agent Jessica Knight and Jimmy Palmer

Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer and Katrina Law as Agent Jessica Knight on NCIS.
Brian Dietzen and Katrina Law | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

NCIS Season 19 Episode 20 (titled “All or Nothing”) starts with Agent Jessica Knight (played by Katrina Law) walking out of the elevator with a handful of mail. McGee (played by Sean Murray) comments on the mail and runs over to pick up a few pieces after Knight drops some of it. He notices she received the pictures from her cousin’s wedding. She attended the celebration with Jimmy Palmer (played by Brian Dietzen).

McGee and Torres start joking around and teasing Knight about how much fun she looks like she’s having in the pictures. They seem to imply there’s a romantic thing going on between the two. Knight gets nervous and says her cousin is “old school” and likes to send paper photos and thank-you notes.

“It looks like you and Jimmy had a fun time,” says McGee. Knight says the event was “alright,” but Torres keeps poking fun at her. “I don’t know,” says Torres. With these big, bright smiles, it says that you had more than an ‘alright’ time.” (The NCIS Season 19 finale will “push things pretty far” says the NCIS boss.)

Torres thinks Knight and Palmer are an item

One person familiar with office romance is Torres (played by Wilmer Valderrama). Torres and Bishop used to have a relationship, so it’s not surprising that he seems to be picking up some couple vibes. Knight insists there’s nothing going on, but Torres says he feels there’s more to her story. He thinks Knight is holding back some juicy details. However, Knight says there’s nothing to talk about.

During the next scene, Jimmy asks Knight if she would like to check out a local coffee spot. She says she would love to, and she’d let the other team members know. However, it was later made clear Palmer wanted to have coffee alone with Knight. She catches on a little too late and tries to apologize, but the moment is gone. Torres notices their interaction, and says, “Nothing to talk about, huh?”

Agent Knight and Jimmy Palmer get close

Later, Jimmy must leave the office so he can help with an organ donation program he began volunteering with after Breena’s death. He volunteers to transport organs to hospitals. Jimmy expresses anxiety about driving alone with an organ, so Knight volunteers to ride along with him.

Once Knight and Jimmy arrive at the hospital to pick up the organ from Dr. Scott Long, things get weird. When they meet Dr. Long for the pickup, he gets a flirty with Knight. It’s clear Jimmy doesn’t appreciate the attention the doctor is giving her. (Fans couldn’t get enough of Jimmy Palmer after this one episode.)

Jimmy and Knight later talk about spending time together. He mentions the car ride will give them “plenty of time” to talk. This is beginning to sound more like a date than an organ pickup. Unfortunately, they won’t get the time they wanted because Dr. Long joins them during the ride. According to him, hospital protocol requires that a hospital liaison accompany the organ during the transport. Jimmy seems disappointed, especially after Dr. Long says he wants to sit in the front seat.

Unfortunately, Knight veers off the road and someone starts shooting at the car. Dr. Long is shot and killed while Knight and Jimmy escape. Jimmy gets shot in the leg during Knight’s struggle with a shooter. They’re able to get to an empty cabin so that Knight can help him.

Jimmy confesses that he really likes Knight. She says she likes him, too, but he’s one of her best friends and she doesn’t want to jeopardize that. Jimmy says no matter what happens between them, they will remain friends.

At the end of the episode, Knight seems to have a change of heart. She decides to take Jimmy up on his offer to go out for coffee, just the two of them. It looks like there could be a romance on the horizon for these two.

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