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NCT 127 is one of the most popular bands in the world. Currently, the K-pop group has nine members: Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, and Haechan. The group first debuted in 2016 and is a sub-unit of SM Entertainment’s NCT.

There are 12 different types of zodiac signs, and each sign belongs to one of the four elements: air, fire, water, or earth. Each sign possesses certain traits and attitudes. With NCT 127’s rising popularity, new fans of the group might be wondering about the members’ zodiac signs.

NCT 127
NCT 127 | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Aquarius: Doyoung, Jaehyun, Johnny

When it comes to one’s astrological birth chart, the sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign are the most important. A sun sign represents the core of who a person is, and those with the same sun sign often share the same basic personality traits. Someone’s rising sign represents the mask they present to the world, and a moon sign explains how someone internally processes their emotions.

An Aquarius is someone who is born while the sun is in Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac. Aquarius is an air sign, and air signs are typically social, intellectual, and driven.

In NCT 127, Johnny, Doyoung, and Jaehyun all have an Aquarius sun sign. This means that the three NCT 127 members were born between January 20 and February 18. An Aquarius is typically smart, independent, and easy-going.

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Taeil and Haechan are both Geminis

Taeil is the oldest member of NCT 127 and he is 26 years old. Haechan is the youngest member of the group and is 20 years old. While they have the biggest age gap of any of the NCT 127 members, Taeil and Haechan are both Geminis.

Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac, and like Aquarius it is an air sign. Geminis are intelligent, adaptable, outgoing, and they can sometimes be impulsive depending on the situation.

Taeyong, Jungwoo, Yuta, and Mark’s zodiac signs

The remaining NCT 127 members do not have any zodiac signs in common. Taeyong is the K-pop group’s leader, and he is a Cancer, which is the fourth astrological sign. Cancer is a water sign, and water signs are typically sensitive and in tune with their emotions. This sign is often considered to be a provider and a nurturer, and Taeyong being selected as the leader of the band makes even more sense knowing his sun sign.


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Yuta and Jungwoo are also both water signs. Jungwoo is a Pisces, meaning he is creative, kindhearted, and empathetic. Pisces is the 12th astrological sign, and a Pisces is anyone born between February 19 and March 2. Yuta is a Scorpio, the eighth astrological sign in the zodiac. As a Scorpio, Yuta is intense, passionate, and intuitive.

Mark is a Leo, which is a fire sign. A Leo is someone born between July 23 and August 22, and Leo is the fifth astrological sign in the zodiac. Fire signs, particularly Leos, are known for being passionate. Leos are also charismatic, bold, and generous.