Netflix’s ‘Blood of Zeus’: 3 Questions About Heron and the Gods After Season 1

Gods with egos, grudges, and misplaced loyalties are the stuff of myth, and that’s clear in Netflix‘s Blood of Zeus.

A new animated tale that casts a wide net in the Greek pantheon, the series introduces one of Zeus’ many children and a reluctant hero’s quest. Demons, gory violence, celestial family dysfunction, and hardship make a recipe for combustion.

What drives the story? Hera’s unmatched, unchecked rage. Now that season 1 is a wrap, there are questions about Heron’s life, the gods’ deaths, and the future of the war.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Blood of Zeus, Season 1]

Blood of Zeus on Netflix
Season 1 ‘Blood of Zeus’| Netflix

Will Hera still try to kill Heron?

Zeus was battered, bloodied, and burst to lightning bits. In his final moments, he and Hera exchanged the wink that viewers saw from their first battle with the Titans.

It was a reminder of their love and triumph. Now that he’s gone, is Hera satisfied with her revenge or will she keep trying to kill Heron?

Her contempt for him and his mortal mother divided the gods and caused pure chaos. Fans are also interested in learning why she singled out this one child of Zeus versus all the others. Perhaps this will be explored in a new season along with Heron’s relationship with his aunts, uncles, and half-siblings.

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Is Hades just messing with Seraphim’s mind?

In the final scene, Seraphim finds himself in the underworld with Hades lording over him, telling him to kneel. He used the same phrase as Hera to manipulate/order the demon around, but this could just be a form of his hellish punishment. Seraphim may be caught up in a cycle of torture.

However, some fans seem to think Hades may wind up being a villain in a potential season 2. Not everyone wants that, but in Greek mythology, he typically gets a bad rap.

On Reddit, one fan wrote, “And they really had to do my boy Hades dirty like that in the end? I feel like it’s implied he is gonna be the main baddie in season 2, but again, it’s unclear. Now this may just be me, but the whole ‘Hades is super evil’ thing is overdone in popular media. He is one of the most dutiful/least evil of the gods in Greek mythology.”

Others agreed they don’t want to see a repeat of Hades the bad guy play out in this story, but if he is really looking to hire Seraphim, that could spell trouble. And aren’t the demons still out there?

Is Zeus really dead?

This is an overarching question. Viewers saw Zeus heal himself after Hera stabbed him in the neck, so the idea of regeneration isn’t that far-fetched. But in the ancient war between gods and giants, some deities didn’t survive. He could be dead-dead.

This opens up a potential storyline where Heron or another one of Zeus’ offspring decides to find a way to resurrect him. For Heron, this may mean enlisting Alexia’s help.

Clearly, there will be a power play on Mt. Olympus now that the king’s throne is empty, so why not bring him back at some point in the future for the sake of drama?

In a world where demons co-exist with gods and humans try to survive both, anything is possible. Fans are willing to see where the Blood of Zeus flows with its depiction of old gods, new demigods, and unconventional foes.