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The Crown is heading into its final two seasons. Over six seasons, Left Bank, the production company responsible for the Netflix Original, brings viewers on a wild journey through Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Season 5 and season 6 will get viewers fairly close to the present day, with the storyline rumored to end around 2005. Even with the series wrapping up, there are plenty more stories to tell, and Left Bank is committed to doing just that. The production company confirmed that they are in early talks to develop a prequel to The Crown. 

‘The Crown’ prequel in early development 

Left Bank and Netflix have yet to begin production on the final season of The Crown, but they are already sitting down to hammer out what could come next. Rumors of a potential spinoff series began several weeks ago. Now, there is confirmation that discussions are happening. 

While there is a plan and preliminary discussions between Left Bank and Netflix, nothing has been set in stone. Right now, the main focus is still on The Crown. According to Harper’s Bazaar, season 5 will premiere in November 2022. Production on the show’s final season begins sometime this summer. 

The hypothetical prequel will start in 1901 

Rumors that a prequel is in development even before The Crown’s final seasons air have been confirmed. According to Vogue, Left Bank even has a plan for the period the prequel will cover. 

Promotional photos for season 2 of 'The Crown'
Season 2 poster for ‘The Crown’ | Netflix

According to the publication, the story will begin in 1901 with the death of Queen Victoria. The series could follow several royal storylines from the early 1900s and ultimately wrap in 1947, with Queen Elizabeth II’s marriage to Prince Philip. The Crown’s inaugural episode focused on the wedding. 

What storylines could potentially show up in the ‘The Crown’ prequel? 

Life for the royals has always been pretty dramatic. The Crown writers had no shortage of controversial storylines to sink their teeth into. The same is true for the potential prequel. In fact, several potential storylines might be even more dramatic than what was seen on The Crown

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor seated outdoors with two small dogs.
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor | Bettmann via Getty Images

If the series does, in fact, take place in 1901 and run through 1947, fans will see four monarchs. All had interesting moments, but King Edward VIII’s short-lived reign is certainly the most salacious of possible storylines.

King Edward VIII took the throne in 1936 and quickly abdicated for love. His romance with twice-divorced American socialite, Wallis Simpson, is still discussed today, 50 years after the former king’s death and nearly 40 years after her passing. The series could also cover King George VI’s unexpected reign

Queen Elizabeth II is walked down the aisle at her wedding in season 1 of 'The Crown'
The Crown | Alex Bailey/Netflix

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The prequel would likely span World War I and World War II, the Great Depression, and several other major turning points in history. Left Bank has not explained exactly what will be included in the series, how many seasons it will be, or how they will differentiate it from its predecessor.