Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ is Casting For Season 2 and Virtually Anyone Can Apply

One of the biggest successes from Netflix this year, so far, is The Circle. It was the first of a few hit reality shows from the streaming platform and hooked virtually everyone who watched. It revolved around a fake social media program and was a social experiment that tested to see who was the most likable behind a screen. You could be yourself or catfish, and it produced some great characters and situations. Now, if you think you can win the prize money, they’re casting for Season 2 of the show and anyone can apply. Plus, it’s pretty easy. Here’s how. 

All the contestants that were on 'The Circle' at the finale.
All the contestants that were on ‘The Circle’ at the finale | Mitch Jenkins/Netflix

The official ‘The Circle’ Instagram account shared a website to apply for Season 2

Back in March, The Circle’s Instagram posted a fun little recruitment video of sorts telling people about the application. The caption read, “Looking for a few new players to enter The Circle. Tag a friend who needs to see this.” The site,, is a portal for the U.K. and U.S. versions of the show, although there is a Brazilian and French version as well.

Once you make an account, so you can save your progress, there are typical questions like your name, social media handles, and more. Then it has you describe yourself and basically pitch yourself and your strategy to them. There’s also a video portion; you have to upload a minute-long video basically describing yourself, again, and you have to submit full-body and up-close photos. It’s sort of in-depth, but it’s not too much different than a job application. 

Here’s what the some of the contestants from Season 1 said about how to get cast 

Decider reported some really helpful tips in January on what you should do to get cast on Season 2. And they pulled their answers straight from Season 1 contestants, too. 

Seaburn, aka Rebecca, basically said it’s all about the vibe you have. He also had some advice if you want to go the fake profile route.

“Make sure if you catfish, you will have to really relate to the character or it won’t work. You have to emotionally connect to that person. That’s why I chose my girl, because she was my light.”

Alex, who also catfished, said that he was “shocked” he kept advancing in the interview and casting process. “My advice would be to make a really good intro video and work on the short, open-ended questions,” he said. “They’re looking for people who can talk through their process and be super articulate about it.” He also said the same thing about energy; bring the excitement.

Ed, who famously came with his mother, said not to hold back. “Whether being yourself on the show, or someone else, go all in from the beginning to the very end,” he said. “Whatever your strategy, be sure that you leave with no regrets, nothing left unsaid. Let your voice be heard and express yourself! Don’t care what people think about you. Have fun with it!”

The actual filming process is rather interesting, too

The filming portion of the show was more of a mystery to fans, and it’s definitely unique. It’s actually filmed in the U.K., in Manchester, even though the American version showed pictures of Chicago and Milwaukee. The apartments are specifically designed  to be different from one another, as you might have been able to tell by the different themes.  

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune in January, Bill Cranley described more of the process, which involved a lot of people on stand-by who never even got on the show. 

The final five 'The Circle' contestants as they meet each other for the first time.
The final five ‘The Circle’ contestants. ‘THE CIRCLE’ | Courtesy of Netflix

“So I think they flew over 50 people from the U.S. to the U.K. to be on the show potentially,” Cranley said. “The show initially cast eight people, but then they didn’t know who they were going to bring in later and had 30 of us on standby. 

He also shared that they were given chaperones to make sure the experiment wasn’t tainted in any way. “While the show was going on, we could do whatever we wanted with our chaperone [in the U.K.], who was with us 24/7,” he said. “We all got assigned one, and mine was a 21-year-old kid (who) said, ‘You Americans are crazy, we love you.’” 

So if you’re up for the challenge and apply to The Circle, some British adventures could be in your future. Either way, Season 2 is very exciting to look forward to.