Netflix’s ‘The Unforgivable’ Stars Sandra Bullock as an Ex-con. Here’s What We Know About the Film So Far.

Oscar-winning actor Sandra Bullock is back with her new Netflix movie The Unforgivable. Bullock has previously played roles that put her character in precarious positions with the law. Her role in the romantic comedy The Proposal put her in the crosshairs of the law due to a visa problem. More recently, in Gary Ross’ Ocean’s 8 Bullock played the role of a sophisticated thief who, with her group of friends, robs the Met Gala. 

This time, however, the misdoings of her character are more serious and their consequences more severe. In the Netflix drama The Unforgivable, Bullock plays an ex-con.

Here’s what we know about the film so far.

Sandra Bullock, in a red dress, at the screening of her film 'Bird Box' in 2018.
Sandra Bullock | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Netflix

Sandra Bullock’s complicated character is at the heart of ‘The Unforgivable’

Bullock plays Ruth Slater, who gets out of prison after serving a long sentence for a violent crime. 

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly Bullock spoke about her role in the film. 

“My character is someone who has been incarcerated for 20 years for a pretty heinous crime and gets out,” Bullock said.

Based on a British miniseries Unforgiven written by Sally Wainwright, the film focuses on Bullock’s character as she attempts to rebuild her life. 

“It is a murder mystery within a very complex character drama,” Bullock said. 

After her release, Bullock’s Ruth wishes to reunite with a family member from her life before prison. 

“There are several people whose lives she affected by this crime she committed,” Bullock said. “And there is a lot of hatred and anger and bitterness and sorrow associated with her release. She wants to find this one person, the only family she had when she went in, and you keep asking yourself, ‘Why can’t you let it go? This family member was traumatized by your actions — let this go! Stop harming these people all over again.”

Who are the other actors in ‘The Unforgivable’

While Bullock alone brings a lot of talent to the film, she also has the support of a talented cast. The Unforgivable includes actors Viola Davis, Jon Bernthal, Vincent D’Onofrio, Richard Thomas, Linda Emond, Aisling Franciosi, and Rob Morgan.

Even though Bullock feared if she would be able to do justice to a complicated character like Ruth, her co-actors, helped her give her best.

“I don’t care where you think you are on the level of talent on your acting scale, if you place yourself opposite those who are far better than you, they will only elevate you,” Bullock said.

Sandra Bullock is also a producer of the movie

With her production company, Fortis Films, Bullock is also one of the producers of ‘The Unforgivable.’ Graham King and Veronica Ferres are producers as well. Peter Craig, Hillary Seitz, and Courtenay Miles wrote the film. 

Nora Fingsheidt, a German filmmaker best known for her German-language drama System Crasher has directed the film. She wants the film’s audience to consider an empathetic approach and give a second chance to people.

“I would love that they maybe reconsider their judgment of people who are outside the society, people who are massively disadvantaged because of their past,” Fingsheidt said. 

Originally announced in 2010, the movie experienced delays in production due to the pandemic. The movie will release in select theaters on Nov. 24. It will then head to Netflix, where it will premiere on Dec. 10.

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