Netflix’s ‘You’: This Joe Goldberg Meme Made Penn Badgley Laugh out Loud

The Netflix series You has been renewed for another season. You Season 3 will be released on Oct. 15 and fans are anxiously waiting to find out what happens to Joe Goldberg next. You is a show about a stalker and serial killer, so the series gets pretty intense at times.

Joe Goldberg sits behind a desk and looks menacingly forward. He is wearing a blue button-down shirt.
Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in ‘You’ | Netflix

Luckily fans have made some pretty hilarious memes to break the tension. One You meme even made Penn Badgley, who plays Joe, laugh out loud.

Penn Badgley doesn’t like his character in ‘You’

Badgley has made it pretty clear that he strongly dislikes his character in You. Joe is a stalker who finds a new woman to obsess over in each season. He will stop at nothing in order to get to the object of his obsession, including murder. In spite of this, it’s the romantic aspects of his character that tend to live on in some fans’ minds.

It’s true that Joe can be an incredibly charming character. It’s sometimes easy to forget all the horrible things he has done. Badgley understands that this creates conflicting emotions, but he still encourages fans not to romanticize Joe. “There are times where Joe is so impossibly sympathetic and even honest and brave,” he told InStyle.

“Sometimes he’s the exact perfect balance between chivalrous and allowing his partner to be autonomous and empowered. He’s actually in some ways made to be the perfect guy that does this really — to even say it’s terrible is kind of an understatement — thing.”

Penn Badgley enjoys some memes about Joe

Badgley isn’t a fan of the Tweets and memes romanticizing Joe, but there are a few he enjoys. Throughout the series, Joe wears a baseball cap whenever he is stalking someone. Fans of the series love to joke about the terrible disguise, suggesting that it perhaps makes him invisible.


‘You’ Star Penn Badgley Has Thought a Lot About How Joe Goldberg Should Die

Badgley had some thoughts about the hat disguise. “Trust me, as an actor, I find it very challenging to sometimes suspend my disbelief when you’re forced into a position that is just in the literal sense of the word incredible,” he told InStyle. “That’s the interesting thing about this show — it works.”

He also shared a few other memes that he found amusing. “I think the one that made me laugh out loud was the one where I’ve been given nails and hoop earrings,” Badgley said. “And there was a tweet with that meme that has been used so many times [“distracted boyfriend”], for so many different purposes to varying effect, and the picture finally had no text on it. The simplicity of that one was very funny to me.”

Netflix will release ‘You’ Season 3 in October

You Season 3 will return to Netflix on Oct. 15. The new season will follow Joe and Love Quinn raising their baby in the suburbs. Joe is also obsessed with a new woman, his neighbor Natalie. It will be interesting to see what Joe is like as a father, and hopefully, the new season will generate more hilarious memes.