‘Never Have I Ever’ 4: Paxton Will Return for the Final Season, Confirms Co-Creator

Netflix‘s Never Have I Ever proved that the drop-dead gorgeous Paxton Hall-Yoshida is more than his popularity and looks. Fans saw him evolve beyond the stereotype his classmates had for him and realize his self-worth. But at the end of Never Have I Ever Season 3, Devi and Paxton still have some type of relationship, but he is off to college. No worries, the series co-creator reveals the beloved Paxton will return for Never Have I Ever Season 4.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Never Have I Ever Season 3.]

Paxton takes hold of his life and future in ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3

Fans knew Paxton did fall for Devi, her quirkiness, nerd status, and who she was overall. But Never Have I Ever Season 3 proved difficult for him and Devi, despite becoming official. Paxton even obliges and apologizes to his former female best friend to make Devi happy. It only leads to Devi becoming jealous of the rekindled friendship. In the end, Paxton is hurt that Devi does not trust him. Their relationship ends in Never Have I Ever, with Paxton telling Devi he can no longer keep trying to convince her of his feelings.

For the rest of the season, Devi moves on and dates Des, and Paxton gets a new girlfriend. But fans see that Paxton misses her. He misses how she challenged him to try new things, work hard in school and push him to be his best. But they never rekindle their romance.

Instead, fans see Paxton’s journey of self-discovery away from the ‘pretty boy’ image. He puts effort into his academics and begins to pursue college. In the season, fans also see his developing friendship with Fabiola and Ben. The finale of Never Have I Ever Season 4 has Paxton give a speech at graduation and decide to move to Arizona for college.

Moving away to college is a big deal and an omen of a character no longer being in a series. But Paxton is here for the long run in Never Have I Ever Season 4.

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Paxton is far from over in ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4

In an interview with Deadline, co-creator Lang Fisher talks about what is ahead for Devi and the characters going into the final season. The fourth season will pick up after Devi chooses Ben and meets him with a kiss. With Paxton moving away and Devi choosing Ben, is Paxton’s story over in the series?

“Well, the whole structure of Season 4 is going to be Devi’s senior year. So what we were going for in Season 3—before I finish this sentence, I want you to know Paxton Hall-Yoshida is in Season 4. He’s in it as much as in Season 3, so the love triangle is not over,” explained Fisher.

That is right, Paxton will return, but fans are unclear about how the storyline will unfold. After his graduation, Paxton promised Devi they would see each other, and she could do his college-level homework. Fans see an evolution of Paxton and his relationship with Devi. He accredits his new zest for life to her and sees her in a way like never before.

Devi also admits that Paxton helped her deal with her father’s death by being a “dream.” Fisher explains that Devi and Paxton have progressed to the same level, and Paxton is no longer “on a pedestal.” Never Have I Ever Season 4 will likely have Devi see a new evolved Paxton that she feels more comfortable with.

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Darren Barnet hopes to return for the final season

While Fisher has confirmed that Paxton will return for Never Have I Ever Season 4, actor Darren Barnet wonders how. He is hopeful of his return for the final season and was excited to see his character go to college in another state. But Barnet wonders how the series will continue his story.

“I was very excited about it. I was wondering, “Am I going to be in college the entire time? Is this going to be an entirely different set? How are they going bring me back and keep me relevant as a character in the show?” said Barnet to USA Today.

But Barnet explains that if Devi and Paxton do not get back together, he happily roots for the next stage in her love life. According to E! News, Barnet is split between Team Ben and Team Paxton. He sees the fun and caring relationship of Devi and Paxton’s polar opposite personalities. But sees that Devi and Ben were in love from the start, but their competitiveness could be a problem.

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