‘Never Have I Ever’ 4 Will Have a Love Triangle – but Paxton Is No Longer a ‘Dream Guy’

The third season of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever may have disappointed fans. Devi and Paxton make their relationship official, but does it last as Devi begins to give in to self-doubt? Like prior seasons, Devi goes through another life journey as she deals with teen love again. But after the cliffhanger and Paxton’s storyline, will Never Have I Ever Season 4 have a complex love triangle again?

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Never Have I Ever Season 3.]

Paxton and Devi call it quits, as Devi goes back to Ben in ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3

The season started with Sherman Oaks gossiping and talking about the newest and hottest couple, Paxton and Devi. After the finale of the second season, Devi chooses her dream guy. But as they become an official couple, it only led to trouble for Devi. She begins to believe the gossip about why Paxton would date her.

But when she receives an anonymous message saying Paxton is bad news, Devi initially decides to put her father in Paxton. But in the end, she learns Paxton ghosted his former female friend and hurt her feelings. Thanks to Devi, Paxton apologizes and rekindles their friendship. But it is troublesome for Devi as she becomes jealous. Sadly, Paxton can no longer try and assure Devi that he wants her for who she is and breaks up.

For the rest of the season, Devi moves on, stays friends with Paxton, and even dates Des for a while. But in the finale, Devi still wants part of her teen dream, this time with someone she connects with. The season ends with Devi kissing Ben.

With one finale season of Never Have I Ever, where will Devi head next in the romance department? Fans might think Ben is endgame, but co-creator Lang Fisher reveals that Never Have I Ever Season 4 will continue its love triangle.

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‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4 will bring back everyone’s favorite love triangle, but with a twist

Since the beginning of the series, Devi has been caught up in a love triangle between Ben and Paxton. Both male characters are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. But Never Have I Ever Season 3 has fans worried as Paxton sets off to attend college in Arizona. It leads many to think that the final season will be all about Ben and Devi, but Fisher reveals otherwise.

In an interview with Deadline, Fisher confirms, “The love triangle is the skeleton of the show and you can’t take it away for the final season.” That is right, Never Have I Ever Season 4 will bring back Paxton to again stir up Devi’s feelings in the beloved original love triangle.

But Fisher explains it will not be like before a Paxton has evolved, and Devi sees him in a different light. “So I think we can say goodbye to Paxton as her dream guy and in Season 4, we’ll see Paxton as a person who is at the same level as her,” explained Fisher.

Devi believed she could never rise to Paxton’s popularity and good looks. But with Paxton realizing his worth outside of being ‘pretty’ and Devi feeling confident in who she is, she says “goodbye to Paxton on a pedestal.” Will the evolution of two characters possibly mean that they are finally at an equal stage to be together?

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When will ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4 premiere?

For now, fans will have to wait on when the fourth season will begin filming and when it will premiere on Netflix. Never Have I Ever Season 3 has recently aired, and there is still much to flesh out and interviews to watch with the cast.

But Mindy Kaling has explained why the series is ending at four seasons. Fans also know Love, Victor star Michael Cimino will star as the heartthrob for the season. The details of Cimino’s role are unclear besides his description as a skater.

Watch the latest season of Never Have I Ever on Netflix.

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