‘Never Have I Ever’: Who Is College Counselor Ms. Warner in Season 2?

Season 2 of Never Have I Ever has dropped on Netflix, and fans have been raving over the new episodes and the characters. One of those characters is the college counselor at Sherman Oaks High, Jennifer Warner, who makes a real ruckus coming into the show as she delivers big news throughout the entire season. As fans tuned into the second season of Never Have I Ever, many wondered what the college counselor’s story was. Let’s take a closer look into who Ms. Warner is and why her character is pivotal to the storyline in season 2.

Alexandra Billings plays Ms. Warner on ‘Never Have I Ever’

Ms. Warner in 'Never Have I Ever'
Alexandra Billings as Ms. Warner in ‘Never Have I Ever.’ | Netflix

Alexandra Billings is the actor who plays Ms. Warner in season two of Never Have I Ever. Billings is a key character in the second season of Never Have I Ever, as she advises high school students on some of the most important decisions they will make in their high school years. Billings also delivers news that students often don’t want to hear, as is the responsibility of a college counselor.

Billings also continues to spread awareness of stories of LBGTQ+ success through the role of Ms. Warner in season 2 of Never Have I Ever; she is the first openly transgender individual to appear on the show. While it isn’t explicitly stated that the character of Ms. Warner is transgender, Billings shares an empowering message that members of the LBGTQ+ community can fulfill their expectations and dreams as actresses. Billings’ past career sets the same example as she is also a successful singer and songwriter, as well as a powerful advocate for the rights of all members of the LBGTQ+ community.

Who is college counselor Ms. Warner on the series?

Ms. Warner coaches the track team at the school, which helps her be involved in more ways in the student’s lives than just as a college counselor. Ms. Warner genuinely shows loving care for each student and shares tough love when students need to realize that they have to do more in their studies to succeed.

Ms. Warner has to deliver hard news to students several times throughout the second season of Never Have I Ever. Ms. Warner shares the difficult news with Paxton that his chances of getting a full-ride scholarship to an Ivy League institution are slim to none. Furthermore, if Paxton’s grades don’t improve dramatically, he won’t have much of a chance of going to college anywhere at all. Billings also breaks the news to Devi that if she doesn’t start showing up to PE class, she will get a failing grade.

Ms. Warner is also involved in helping Paxon realize that he has to help make things right with Devi after a love triangle goes horribly wrong. Devi is upset that Paxton won’t make their relationship public — but Devi is not interested in dating Paxton if he won’t make their relationship public and visible to others. Paxton rejects Devi’s invitation to the Winter Dance, which leaves Devi in the bathroom sobbing hysterically. Ms. Warner plays a role in making Paxton realize what has happened and that he needs to make things right with Devi. Ms. Warner may not even realize that this advice saved the ship before it even sailed.

Ms. Warner delivers some good news by the end of ‘Never Have I Ever’ season 2


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Season 2 of Never Have I Ever has some happy endings as well. Ms. Warner is happy to inform Paxton that his grades have improved immensely after taking her warning seriously. He has a chance of getting into a good college and bettering his own future. Ms. Warner also proposes to Devi that if she takes part in the upcoming 24-hour charity event to run for her track team, she will, in turn, improve her PE grade. Devi takes that opportunity to heart and completes the task at hand, and Ms. Warner successfully helps Devi get her gym grade back to a passing score.

Ms. Warner is very proud of her students for taking her advice seriously. In turn, the students do their part to better themselves and can pass their classes. Billings successfully plays the role of Ms. Warner and gets the students to heed her advice to improve their academic success.