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The third season of Netflix‘s teen drama, Never Have I Ever, was full of relationship problems, breakups, and new beginnings. Fans watch as Devi tries to understand her relationship with Paxton and why they are together. That is not all; Ben unknowingly puts his relationship with Aneesa on the fritz. But fans will be overjoyed to know that one couple stuck it out, and there are a few new ones by the finale of Never Have I Ever Season 3.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Never Have I Ever Season 3.]

Ben and Aneesa call it quits, and she finds a new partner

In the second season, Aneesa and Ben’s romance story was complicated. She was the new cool Indian girl that everyone adored. By the second season’s finale, Aneesa and Ben stay together and into Never Have I Ever Season 3. But the couple faces turmoil, and it is all due to Ben.

Aneesa starts to feel that Ben prioritizes Devi more than her. He missed her game-winning goal during her big soccer match because he was texting. She already knew who was on the other end of the phone. To make matters worse, Ben unknowingly undermines her intelligence. Aneesa has had enough and calls it off, stating she wants someone excited to be with her.

The biggest surprise came when Aneesa kissed Fabiola after crying in the bathroom after the soccer game. By this point, Fabiola has broken up with Eve, who moved to Korea.

They are unsure of how to move forward until Aneesa suggests they date. But the couple is short-lived in Never Have I Ever Season 3. They both realize that they are better off as friends. But Fabiola also moves on to date one of Des’s friends.

Trent and Eleanor go through a lot as a couple in ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3

At the start of the season, Trent and Eleanor are still together. Sort of. Eleanor is unclear if they are dating as Trent never texted her back, but he later explains he changed his number and does have feelings for her. But along the way, Eleanor is not convinced about dating him.

She tries to end things until she learns his uncle could put her in a commercial. Eleanor feels guilty about using Trent and tries to break up again. But when he admits he used her as well, Eleanor loves the drama like a celebrity couple.

Eleanor and Trent work well as a couple for the rest of Never Have I Ever Season 3. But now comes the moment where Eleanor has high hopes of losing her virginity. She expects it to be like a romance novel. While Trent deals with Paxton moving away for college, he clings on to Eleanor. Ultimately, he fulfills her wildest sex dreams and makes everything perfect. By the finale of the season, they are the longest reigning couple.

Paxton breaks it off with Devi, but ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 3 ends with another couple

Fans thought Devi would finally have her perfect high school romance. She and Paxton are the new shocking couple at Sherman Oaks in Never Have I Ever Season 3. But the steamy romance ends rather quickly due to Devi’s insecurities.

When an anonymous DM explains that Paxton is not who he says he is, Devi discovers who sent it. She also learns Paxton ghosted his former friend when they kissed. Devi tells Paxton she cannot be with him if he does not apologize, which he does end up doing. But the rekindling of his old friendship leads Devi to feel jealous. In the end, Paxton breaks up with Devi because he cannot convince her of his true feelings.

Fast forward, and Devi moves on. Meeting her mother’s friend’s son gives her a new opportunity. Des is Indian, intelligent, cool, and a hottie. They start to date in secret. But Devi’s mom allows the relationship. It falls apart when Devi learns that Des’s mom told him to ghost her. Devi breaks it off for good.

In the finale of Never Have I Ever Season 3, the last new couple is one that fans might have seen coming. After Paxton’s graduation, Devi realizes part of her old dream is still there. She wants a good relationship. Devi takes the chance and goes to see Ben and gives him the “free boink” pass he made her.

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