‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4 Is Officially in the Works, but It’s the Final Season

Good news Never Have I Ever fans, the coming-of-age story is returning for a new season. Mindy Kaling created the Netflix teen drama series. The story follows an Indian-American female character and her many ups and downs with high school, young love, family, and drama. Never Have I Ever Season 4 has been approved by Netflix but will sadly be the last.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Never Have I Ever Season 2.]

Devi, Eleanor and Fabiola from 'Never Have I Ever' hugging in relation to Season 4.
Devi, Eleanor, and Fabiola from ‘Never Have I Ever’ | via Netflix

‘Never Have I Ever’ follows Devi Vishwakumar as she learns to be her own person

The Netflix series centers on Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), a 15-year-old teenager from Sherman Oaks, California. After her father’s death, she faced emotional trauma that left her unable to use her legs for three months. As the series is a coming-of-age story, Devi changes her image and becomes a more popular version of herself.

Teenage life is never easy when Devi deals with her Indian heritage, her mother, social status, and what it means to be in a relationship. The success of Never Have I Ever led to a second season that debuted in 2021. This time, Devi is no longer invisible but deals with the repercussions of her actions.

She not only ruined a friendship but cheated on her ex with the school’s most popular and gorgeous guy. Devi continued to lose her way and accept herself for who she is. She finds a rivalry with a new student, who is also Indian-American.

‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4 is on the way

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According to Deadline, Netflix has renewed Never Have I Ever for a fourth season. While fans rejoice at the news to see Devi again, Never Have I Ever Season 4 will be the last for the series.

“Production on Season 4, which will launch in 2023, is expected to kick off in the coming months,” said Deadline. Fans have a lot to look foward to as season three recently wrapped filming and is expected to premiere in the summer of 2022. Just as fans are happy and broken-hearted by the news, the series executives are also sad to see the series end.

Erin Underhill, President of Universal Television. “Four seasons of Never Have I Ever is truly exciting and a little bittersweet because, as a loyal fan, I’d love Devi’s journey to go on forever. But just like high school, all great things must come to an end.”

Fans will get to watch Devi’s tumultuous, sometimes cringe-worthy, but relatable journey to the very end.

Where did ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 2 leave the characters?


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Devi has some guts for what she did in Never Have I Ever Season 2. The events in the season will likely bleed into season three and, hopefully, continue in Never Have I Ever Season 4. Fans watched as Devi faced a dilemma she never expected to experience.

She not only manages to capture the attention of Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet), but she is also falling for her nemesis Benjamin “Ben” Gross (Jaren Lewison). In the third season, she is unable to choose between the two. Her solution is to date them both at the same time. Her selfish ways lead to heartbreak on all sides.

At the same time, Devi faces jealousy when a new student Aneesa Qureshi (Megan Suri), becomes the cool new “it” girl. Devi feels threatened by her effortlessly cool and sweet personality and taking over her spot as the only Indian-American student. The green monster forces Devi to spread a rumor about Aneesa that hits close to home.

Never Have I Ever Season 2 ended with Paxton choosing Devi and Ben staying with Aneesa. There is a cliffhanger, of course. Devi’s friend revealed to Ben that Devi planned to choose him instead of Paxton.

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