New Book About Queen Camilla Seems to Quietly Criticize Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

A new book about Camilla Parker Bowles gives an overview of how she has navigated royal life so far. The author praises the queen consort for her grace and dignity. However, some of this praise appears to contain a quiet rebuke of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Queen Camilla remained humble since becoming a royal, say sources

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend the Mountbatten Music Festival at Royal Albert Hall in 2020.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Simon Dawson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

In the book Camilla: From Outsider to Queen Consort, Angela Levin writes about Camilla and her rise within the royal family. Levin marvels at how Camilla’s friends and employees say she hasn’t changed since becoming a royal. Levin says friends and workers describe Camilla as “authentic.”

Levin says Camilla focuses on causes that are not meant to “boost her ego.”  The topic of ego once again comes up when Levin references Amanda McManus, a former aide for Camilla. Levin says McManus emphasizes that Camilla didn’t let her position “go to her head.”  

Meghan and Harry have been accused in the past of having inflated egos, so this appears to be a reference to that. Commentators at various outlets have discussed what they perceive as the couple having an inflated sense of self. One example is an article published on the New York Post website titled “Meghan and Harry’s egos keep getting bigger.”

King Charles III and Queen Camilla walk arm-in-arm on their wedding day in 2005.
King Charles III and Queen Camilla | Anwar Hussein Collection/ROTA/WireImage

These aren’t the only times subtle criticisms appear to have been made about Meghan and Harry. During his online commentary, body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas, known as The Body Language Guy, highlights comments made by Archbishop Justin Welby during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

“People of loving service are rare in any walk of life,” says Welby during the funeral service. “Leaders of loving service are still rarer. But in all cases, those who serve will be loved and remembered when those who cling to power and privileges are long forgotten.”

Rosas believes Welby’s statement about clinging to power might be about Meghan and Harry. “The archbishop wants to say one word or two, but he can’t say it directly,” says Rosas during his online commentary. “That was right in the kisser. He pulled no punches.”

The Queen Consort has maintained her ‘dignity’ says author

Levin says she is impressed by how Camilla can remain dignified even in the face of media attacks. She mentions that some people blame Camilla for Princess Diana’s death and for the divorce of Diana and Charles.

Levin says Camilla mostly keeps to herself instead of sharing what she thinks or how she feels. She praises her for rarely displaying her feelings in public. According to Levin, Camilla encourages senior royals to maintain their composure in public when they are working.

Camilla is also described as an “easy-going optimist” who prefers to look for the best in others. Meghan and Harry have faced backlash for sharing their feelings about the royal family and pointing out how they have been hurt. Levin’s description of how Camilla doesn’t do this appears to be an implication that Meghan and Harry should follow suit.

Book says Camilla is not looking for praise

According to Levin, Camilla hasn’t shown any sign of “crossing any royal lines” and she typically hangs back and lets her husband, King Charles III, shine. Levin describes Camilla as a royal who wants to “help rather than be praised.”

The author also says Camilla displays an “inner strength” and doesn’t “claim to be a victim.” Some have accused Meghan and Harry of playing the “victim card.”

For example, royal commentator Neil Sean says Meghan and Harry could lose support because of the way they portray themselves in the media. “The problem for Harry and Meghan is simply this — and I’ve said this many times on the show — it’s going to be very difficult with their messaging,” says Sean in a video commentary. “Their messaging is all woke and ‘poor me’ and victimhood.”

Our take

In her book, Levin asks readers to set aside media bias and give Camilla “a fresh look.” Meghan and Harry also deserve a “fresh look,” as Levin has asked readers to give the queen. Hopefully, there will be more opportunities for a balanced view of the couple. It’s easy to judge others when we haven’t walked in their shoes.

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