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In today’s climate, any star mired in controversy could potentially see their career suffer as a result. Whether such a decision is deserved or not is another question. But there’s good reason for some fans of the DC Extended Universe to wonder if Amber Heard will return for Aquaman 2. Now some fan art has imagined the possibility of Blake Likely taking over Heard’s role.

Blake Lively at the Michael Kors AW/20 Fashion Show
Blake Lively at the Michael Kors AW/20 Fashion Show | Aurora Rose/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Amber Heard played Mera in the DCEU’s billion-dollar hit ‘Aquaman’

Briefly in 2017’s Justice League, Heard briefly debuted as Mera. A warrior and Atlantean princess, she returns in 2018’s Aquaman to help Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) claim the throne of Atlantis. But the characters share a much richer relationship in the comics.

By the time the credits roll, Aquaman teases a romantic future for Arthur and Mera. In the pages of DC Comics, the two ultimately marry, with Mera becoming queen of Atlantis alongside King Arthur. In all likelihood, the DCEU will continue this storyline, leading to a much greater role for Mera.

So the upcoming Aquaman sequel will need Mera to play a critical part. Since the first film, however, Heard has become a problematic figure for the studio. So there is a chance she could lose her position in the DCEU. If that’s the case, Lively would be a solid choice, as one artist revealed.

Would Blake Lively be a good Mera in ‘Aquaman 2’?

User spdrmnkyxxiii didn’t share what led to casting Lively in the part. But nevertheless, fans can check out the art over on Instagram. And to be sure, Lively does seem like a fairly natural fit to play Mera. After all, she has some experience when it comes to aquatic adventure. Lively headlined the surprise hit thriller The Shallows in 2016.

Moreover, the actress isn’t even new to the world of DC Comics movies. She met now-husband Ryan Reynolds — who, of course, went on to play Marvel’s Deadpool — on the set of Green Lantern. That notorious 2011 flop didn’t do Lively’s career any favors. So trading her original DC role, Carol Ferris, for an Atlantean warrior and future queen is a good way to make up for it.

The DCEU sequel will hit theaters in December 2022

Whatever Warner Bros. does about Mera, the decision should be made relatively soon. Momoa, of course, is signed on for the sequel. So any additional cast members will need to get onboard sooner rather than later. Aquaman 2 doesn’t hit theaters until Dec. 16, 2022.

But such an effects-heavy production requires a lot of work after filming is complete. Shooting is reportedly set to begin in 2021, likely during the first half of the year. So Heard, Lively, or whoever will be heading to Aquaman’s arms and the Atlantean throne better get ready for Warner Bros.’ call.